When is the best time to apply your fake tan?

Posted 6th December 2017
When is the best time to apply your fake tan?

Avoid tan mishaps this party season with our guide on the best time to tan. We answer your questions on when to tan, how to best prepare your skin and what time of day works best.

When is the best time to apply your fake tan?

You step out of the taxi and your night out has begun, but in reality it started long before this. In fact, it would be more accurate to describe this as the moment your preparation ended. Preparation is key to having good night and what’s a good night without the perfect fake tan to go with it? Luckily we have some great tanning prep tips. We answer your most popular tanning questions and help you time everything to perfection. How long before you go out should you apply your tan? Should you moisturise before or after? Can you tan straight after shaving? Find out more about the when is the best time to apply your fake tan.

Shaving, waxing and tanning

If you plan to remove hair before applying fake tan, you should leave 24 hours between the two. Immediately after shaving your pores will be open, creating pockets that tan could sit in unevenly. By tanning and shaving on the same day, you risk creating a spotty effect where your pores absorb the product. This advice remains the same for waxing - tanning on the day of your wax could leave a bumpy, uneven finish.

For longevity, you also want to avoid combining moisturising and tanning. Moisturisers contain oils and gels that sit on your skin creating a barrier between you and your tanning lotion. In some cases this causes tan to wear off prematurely.

Shower then tan

You will want your tanning ritual to include a shower almost immediately before. Your aim is to make your body the best canvas it can be for the tan, so prepare for deep exfoliation. You are aiming to smooth and remove any impurities from your skin, but again be aware of which products you use. Your skin should be primed for absorption, free from oily products and bases.

Consider using a primer prior to applying your tan to plump the skin, add some additional moisture and cleanse your body in preparation for smoothing over our luxury organic tan to transform your skin with a golden glow.

Tanning time

Ideally, your tanning ritual will take place 24 hours before you go out. Tan just before going to bed, allowing ample time for the tan to develop. In the morning you should have reached your dream shade, however don’t fret if some areas aren’t perfect. At this point you still have time to apply tan to correct those tricky places. After your shower check your hands, feet, elbows and knees to ensure a consistent finish. If you note some areas haven’t reached the desired shade, a morning top up is the answer with our instant tan.

On the night

After completing your tanning ritual, expect others to note your Mediterranean-inspired glow. If however, you want to give your tan an additional touch, why not invest in a finishing shimmer powder to highlight your luminosity. Adding shimmering dust along your cheek and collarbones can subtly draw attention to your sun-kissed skin.

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