Why fake tan is your best friend for creating flawless looking skin

Posted 19th December 2017
Why fake tan is your best friend for creating flawless looking skin

You've tried most moisturisers, a cocktail of concealers and collection of cleansers, but have you tried self-tan to hide imperfections?


Your skin will always give you away – if you are stressed you may break out or have shiny patches around your cheeks and forehead. When you apply fake tan you are aiming to create a sun kissed look that highlights your skin’s natural beauty. At times, it almost feels more challenging because your skin isn’t working with you. Let’s face it, even with layers of makeup, it can be difficult to hide imperfections and blemishes. So, can tan help create flawless skin? We look at the top skin-imperfections you struggle with and give you our best tips for using fake tan to create flawless looking skin.




If you suffer from acne, you may have resorted to using a plethora of products to hide the effects. Unfortunately, this cosmetic cocktail may only damage your skin further and worsen matters. Acne is caused by your skin overproducing an oily substance (sebum), so adding more oil based products to the mix will not help. This approach of fighting fire with fire will not work; additional oil will only block your pores and make your skin oilier.


When tanning with acne, you should use fake tan free from additional oils - instantly you’re making a positive change. To avoid patchy skin when you finish, exfoliate first and use natural primers to cleanse your skin. Organic-based cosmetics such as Lusso Tan will be a welcome change for your skin.




Not all our skin fears are long term, but they can still be prominent and difficult to conceal. Bruising easily can be frustrating, but it is also very common - asthma sufferers for example may note a thinning of the skin resulting in bruises. It may also be a side effect of going to the gym or your line of work (or just being a bit clumsy at times!)


Fake tan can conceal bruising when properly applied. Firstly, remember you are the only one who knows where the bruise is, not everyone else. Make sure to apply your tan in a very well-lit environment. If you choose to use some concealer, don’t make it too obvious. Apply the tan as you normally would, using a mitt to get even coverage around the bruise. On the morning after your tan you may want to use more tan to disguise the bruise, but this can look uneven so instead try using a quality concealer, as this is less obvious and is designed to conceal blemishes.


Stretch Marks


Often, we are led to believe that treating stretch marks early enough will successfully make them vanish. In reality even with the most expensive regime of moisturizer, stretch marks can remain visible. You may have already tried dosing your skin with every blend of Aloe Vera available, yet your stretch marks are still stubbornly present.


While we all have these little imperfections to live with, we can use fake tan to camouflage blemishes like stretch marks. Tanning can conceal stretch marks for 5-7 days, which is more than a concealer or other products. Like you would anywhere else on the body, moisturize first, then after you may wish to add some bronzing shimmer powder to add more light-reflecting particles and make skin look more luminous. Tanning products with moisturizer will hydrate your skin and help to keep it looking supple and nourished.


Varicose Veins


Hiding varicose veins can be challenging and some people instead opt to hide their legs. While your initial reaction may be to reach for your concealer, carefully applied fake tan can hide varicose veins. The veins themselves often protrude from your skin, meaning you need to hide both the veins themselves plus the shadows around them.


Use self-tan to create a consistent shade around the veins and on them. It is very important that you apply the tan around the veins evenly, do not allow it to build up between veins. You may want to use a lighter shade or less tan and slowly build up around the veins, as too dark a shade will make them stand out. Be sure to apply moisturizer to get the best base for your fake tan.




Much like your everyday skincare routine of Cleanser-Toner-Moisturizer, your tanning should be a ritual you follow to the letter too for the best results. By following Lusso Tan’s ‘Prep, Tan, Boost’ 3 step ritual you can address skin imperfections, and step out feeling confident in your own skin once more with your beautifully bronzed glow.




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