5 tips for a streak-free tan

Posted 3rd January 2018
5 tips for a streak-free tan

As self-tanning improves, we are under increased pressure to create a flawless tan every time. We know it can be difficult to master new tanning products or self-tanning in general so here are 5 tips on how to create a streak-free tan.

5 tips for a streak-free tan 5 tips for a streak-free tan

In the last few years, there are no doubts self-tanning products, application methods and tanning kits have all improved. They are welcome changes, but they do bring increased pressure to produce perfect results every time. In the non-airbrushed world, we are prone to mishaps and need little refreshers on how to get the sun-kissed look we desire. At Lusso Tan, we want you to be able to get the best self-tanning streak-free results every time. So, here are our 5 tips for self-tanning without streaks.

#1 The past tan

One of the biggest mistakes people make while self-tanning is forgetting to remove their previous tan. At Lusso, we always remind people that your tanning ritual must be built on good foundations.

The remnants of your old tan, especially when changing product can produce a streaky finish. Avoid the leopard print tan by exfoliating thoroughly. Exfoliation removes dead skin and leaves a smooth, flawless base to start your tan from. Bumpy skin will make for a patchy tan, with noticeably different shades once it has dried and developed.

#2 Fail to prepare...

When prepping, ideally you will open your pores and plump your skin for the tan to be applied evenly. Your tan will not sit evenly if your skin if you don't prepare skin adequately. Each stage of your tanning ritual should be taken as seriously as the last.

For a lot of people, the use of oil-based skincare products creates a barrier, essentially preventing tan from being absorbed into their skin. Use primers free from parabens and oils for the best results, to nourish and care for your skin as you tan so that your end result is flawless.

#3 Application

When you have been applying tan for a long time you get to know your skin and how different tanning lotions react to it. If you change tan or are new to tanning, you may decide to use it sparingly or too lightly. If you don't use enough tan, you will create spots and dark areas.

The best thing is to do is to apply a luxury organic tan like Lusso Tan, using a quality application mitt. Be generous and apply the tan in long, upward strokes. This tan is full of skin-loving minerals and vitamins, and it also dries in 60 seconds, so you can apply, dress and go without having to wait around for ages for your tan to feel less sticky.

#4 Lighting

We cannot stress the value of good lighting enough. If you tan in a poorly lit environment, you're slimming your chances of a perfect application. Very often, you’ll leave home feeling great then arrive to meet friends in stark daylight, where – yep, you’ve guessed it – your streaky tan is a dead giveaway that your tan is not as natural-looking as you thought. The solution? Tan in a well-lit room, that way you will see the flaws before they dry and become permanent.

#5 Rushing

Take your time, and you will see the results. Make time for your tan, don't rush yourself. Our luxury tan is designed to be a pleasurable product to enjoy applying, so don’t rush through the tan application process. Rushing often leads to those tell-tale signs of a poor tan – dark elbows, knees or hands. So relax, enjoy the application and think of how amazing you will look after.

Even post tanning night make sure to give your tan enough time to dry. Often, with other tans you can still feel sticky for an hour after applying, which makes it uncomfortable to dress. Luckily, Lusso Tan dries in no time, so there’s no need to hang about to look flawlessly tanned and gorgeous.

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