Your ideal tan shade

Posted 11th January 2018
Your ideal tan shade

Finding your ideal tan shade can be tough, thankfully at Lusso Tan we can help. Our self-tan is available in three tones making it ideal for olive toned skin, medium and fair skin types. If you can’t find the ideal tan shade for your skin or are unsure what skin type you are, read more.

When you apply fake tan, you want a sun-kissed look that blends naturally with your skin tone. Finding your ideal tan shade can be tough, and at Lusso Tan we want to ensure your tans looks luxurious and natural. Our tanning tips can help everyone from fair to olive skinned sun-seekers who want the perfect tan. So, read on and tan confidently.

Skin tone

Your natural skin tone is the foundation of your tanning palette, so it is a key consideration. Lusso Tan products were made for people of all skin types, and our organic self-tan is available in three different shades. Before you apply your tan, be sure you know your skin type.

Fair Skin

If you are fair skinned, you want to add a delicate glow to your naturally pale complexion. You may want to slowly build up subtle layers of tan, but take care! Too much self-tan on fair skin is an obvious and easily made mistake.

Don’t overdo the tan, instead gradually prepare your skin with Lusso primer. Misting on the primer lays great foundations and plumps up lines and wrinkles to create a perfectly smooth base. Choose Lusso Self-tan Light, with a 60 second drying time so you can tan and dress and head out the door for whatever the day has to throw at you. Lusso light organic tan is made for very fair skin tones, it will boost your skin’s natural light glow.


Often people with medium skin aren’t sure which tan is truly best for them. Medium skin can describe those from Pippa Middleton to Jennifer Anniston, so in winter you may choose lighter coloured tan for fair skin to gradually build your tan.

So, how you be a happy tan medium?

Your aim should be to reproduce the, ‘just back from holiday’ look. Lusso Medium Self-tan is the product for you, but be sure to follow the full tanning ritual. Depending where on the medium skin spectrum you are, your tan results will differ. Pre-tan be sure to exfoliate and create a plumped, hydrated surface for your tan to be applied to for the most natural finish. Thankfully all Lusso products are free from parabens and sulphates, so you can be sure you’re adding nothing harmful to your skin.

Post-application, add a degree of luxury to your tan with a finishing touch shimmer. For a medium skin the shimmer is a great way of giving your tan a little lift.


Some self-tanning products can mute olive skin tones by being too dark. To restore your skin’s vitality, try Lusso Dark tan, a great accompaniment for olive skin types. Olive skin comes with its own unique challenges, finding foundations and tans to match can be tough.

Lusso Tan’s organic luxury tanning product collection is made using natural ingredients to care for your skin, and will help with challenges unique to olive skin. Be sure to apply Lusso Dark using a mitt for streak-free results - after all, this is this richest colour across the Lusso Tan range and careful application is vital for a beautifully bronzed result.

All tones

Remember for a successful tan, regardless of skin tone, be sure to follow the Lusso Tan ritual. Primed, exfoliated skin makes a huge difference to the end result and after application lock in your luxurious shine with finishing touch shimmer or instant tan for an additional colour boost. For more tan advice make sure to follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page.

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