Fake tanning with dry skin

Posted 8th May 2018
Fake tanning with dry skin

Dry skin can be uncomfortable and make you feel self-conscious, and if you enjoy tanning it can exacerbate the condition even more if you’re not using the right products on it. Dry skin can lead to patchy tans (because your tanning products will cling to these drier areas) and cause your tanning products to wear off unevenly, leaving you with discolouration and even more reasons to be self-conscious. Just because your skin is dry doesn’t mean you have to avoid tanning though – by using the right products on it you can still feel bronzed and beautiful. Read on for more tips when fake tanning with dry skin.

 Hair removal

Making sure your skin is smooth before a tan normally means you’ll resort to waxing or shaving to get rid of unwanted hair, but be careful how you do this as you could dry your skin out even more. Always do your hair removal at least 12 hours before your tan and moisturise afterwards using an oil-free moisturiser – the oil in some popular moisturisers creates a barrier to tan, leaving you with lack lustre results. 
Moisturising tanning lotion 
To combat dry skin with tanning, it makes sense to use a tanning lotion filled with moisturisers. Some tanning mists and mousses can be drying or are filled with parabens, sulfates and phthalates – Lusso Tan never uses these. We also make sure that our tans have lots of antioxidant Vitamins A & E to protect and repair skin damage, and aloe vera to soothe, firm, hydrate and heal. Make sure you are nourishing your dry skin with a tanning lotion that’s full of skin-loving ingredients, and you’ll keep your tan looking great for longer. 
It may seem strange to exfoliate dry skin but it’s so important to take off the dry dead skin layers before you apply your tan for best results. Gentle daily exfoliation will help to keep your dry skin looking healthy and exfoliating will also help your tan wear off more evenly instead of in dry, flaky patches. 
Keep your skin hydrated, both inside and out with a moisturiser specifically for dry skin, a shower cream with added moisturisers and by drinking lots of water. If you still feel that developing tans are too much for your skin, why not try our luxurious instant tan which can help to lock in moisture? 
Buildable shades 
With any tanning product, it’s best to start out gently and build into darker shades so that you get to a level of tan that you’re happy with, and that looks right for your skin. With dry skin, darker patches are more noticeable, so you might find it more beneficial to start with a lighter shade of tan and top it up once or twice a week to keep your healthy glow. 
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