Your tanning trouble spots and how to perfect them

Posted 4th June 2018
Your tanning trouble spots and how to perfect them

Some places are harder to tan than others, like your hands, ankles and face. Don’t despair though - when it comes to your tanning trouble spots we’ll show you how to perfect them.

Fake tan has developed in recent years to be a truly flawless alternative to real sun tan (without the skin damage caused by sitting out in the sun all day). There are lotions, mousses, sprays and wipes to transform your pale skin into bronzed perfection, so finding a solution that works for you shouldn’t be difficult. It can be trickier however to master the application technique, especially around known trouble spots. These include your hands, ankles, elbows and face. We’ve all been there before with fake tan disasters, so allow us to help you master these tanning trouble spots and find ways to perfect them.

Tanning your hands

Often when it comes to tanning your hands, you get the tan everywhere but where you want it. We’ve all had the disastrous orange palms from applying tan without a mitt and not washing it off properly afterwards, so that’s one thing you must do when tanning your hands – use a quality mitt. You should also pay attention to your knuckles and nails. Take your time applying around these areas and always use as little tan as possible and build the colour up gradually – it’ll be much easier to control this way. Take a cotton bud and wipe it around your nails and nail beds after applying tan to remove any excess product and prevent orange edges to your fingers.

Tips for tanning ankles

Ankles are so fidgety to work around when tanning! Too much bone, too many awkward angles, not to mention the contortionist shapes you have to pull to reach them – it’s exhausting, but when done right it makes your tan look 100% genuine. Start by applying a very thin layer of moisturiser to act as a barrier to the skin just above your heel – this area tends to be dryer, so can result in a darker colour here. Use gentle upward sweeping motions to distribute tan evenly – and always use a mitt!

Why are elbows so troublesome to tan?

Your elbows are a trouble spot where tan can cling to and appear a lot darker than the rest of your body, so make sure you prepare well in advance of applying tan with lots of exfoliation to soften this rough skin. To keep this area hydrated, make sure you use a tanning lotion with added moisturisers to care for your skin whilst it develops. Check out all the added goodness in Lusso Tan’s self tan.

Fake tan your face with confidence

Many people feel nervous about applying fake tan to their face – after all, messing up here is much harder to camouflage unless you intend to hide at home until it’s resolved. That shouldn’t be cause for concern though, if you follow our handy tips for tanning your face. First of all, exfoliate here like you would do with your body before applying. Use product sparingly and rub some moisturiser into your hairline prior to applying tan so you don’t get orange build up around your face. Make sure you blend into your neck and jawline too, so that it’s not cut off abruptly. Also remember to apply a little product behind your ears too – it keeps your tan looking even.

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