Get that festival chic look with Lusso Tan

Posted 18th June 2018
Get that festival chic look with Lusso Tan

Summer is here, and that means great festivals are happening for the next few months. Get that festival chic look with Lusso Tan and our tips on essential festival fashion.

Festival season is here again!

Get ready for a sizzling summer of great music, chilled out vibes and floaty festival fashion. Because you’ll be spending your time outdoors and enjoying (hopefully!) the sunshine instead of being caked elbow-deep in mud, there’s one thing every festival lover needs this summer to go with that festival chic look, and that’s a gorgeous natural-looking tan. Get that festival chic look with Lusso Tan, and read the rest of our tips for looking great throughout your festival season.

Luxury organic Lusso Tan to the rescue

If you’re baring any skin at all at your next festival, make sure you’ve protected it with high factor sun cream to avoid burning – partying all day can make you forget about the practical things like skin care! That being said of course you won’t want to look pale or with a dodgy, patchy tan, so use Lusso Tan’s range of organic tanning solutions to provide you with that envy-inducing glow as you party the summer nights away. For an added glow this year, why not dust over a touch of our shimmer powder too? You can top up your tan as you need to with our Finishing Touch Instant Tan, or build up your tan before you go with our Gradual Tinted Bronze Tan.

Looking after yourself

At a festival, it’s all about the music, the food, the drinks and the atmosphere, but it’s all too easy to get swept up in it and forget about some important self-care practices. We’ve already talked about the importance of sun cream when you’re at a festival, but don’t forget to switch that beer or glass of wine for some water every now and again to stay hydrated, especially if you’re out in the sun all day.

Festival fashion

Fashion at festivals can range from shorts and wellies or ripped jeans and vintage t-shirts, or to completely bonkers ensembles – the point is, anything goes. At every festival, there are a few essential items of clothing you’ll need to fit in. These include:

Festival hair

At a festival, your hair is the last thing on your mind, so fuss-free styles are all you need. A pretty braid looks the part, and has practical benefits of keeping your hair off your face, and dry shampoo will be your best friend if you’re there for a few days. Add a delicate flower crown and you’re all set!

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