Tan-Be-Gone Bar & Exfo Mitt

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Shower Bar Scent: Original Fresh Lemon
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The Lusso Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar combines essential oils and hydrating plant-based ingredients to leave your skin tan-free and velvety smooth in record timing.

Here are 3 simple steps for using Tan-Be-Gone effectively:
1. Each has been hand moulded with a smooth outer surface in order to seal and protect the ingredients inside but for best results, we recommend cutting your bar into two or three. Not only will it give you a better grip of Tan-Be-Gone but it will also release the grains and oils to work their magic!

2. Next up you’ll want to rinse the bar to activate and apply generously to dry skin in order to build up a lather. Alternatively, you can rinse the body and move out of the water flow to lather up. Both work effectively as long as the ingredients are worked into the skin before rinsing.

3. The coarse sugar grains will provide a light exfoliation and you'll want to back that up with an exfoliating mitt to uncover fresh new skin cells and allow your moisturiser or Primer (depending on whether you want to tan immediately or the following morning) to penetrate more deeply.  This is especially important during tropical temperatures, when the skin needs extra hydration and protection despite the misleading layer of sweat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Quinn Richardson
A little cheap!

 It felt a little bit cheap but I’ve washed mine on delicate three times now and it’s starting to show a little wear but definitely still usable.

Clementine Clark
Tan free in record time!

I have extremely sensitive skin; am immune compromised. This product removes tanning and is a pleasant soap alternative. The scent is light. The bar lasts for a long time.

Lyra Marsh
I needed it!

I’ve tried a few different applicator mitts and soaps, but honestly using this one with the express self tanner worked the best.

Catherine Cunningham
It is not well made!

This mitt rips after about the third time you use it and it’s really not well-made at all. I

Keira Macdonald
Soft mitt!

Easy to use & very soft