Tanning is the Thursday of the beauty world.

No one goes into Thursday expecting it to be mind-blowing like they do on Friday and Saturday. Therefor it almost always outperforms your expectations.

Similarly, no one looks forward to Tanning Thursdays (yes we said it!)

BUT.. after committing to a 60 second application, there’s nothing quite like getting into fresh bed sheets, with silky smooth skin and waking up with a flawless faux glow. 

It’s marginally better than Monday through Wednesday, your daily skincare, and it doesn’t have to live up to the high expectations of the later part of the week, a salon blow out or a killer makeup look.  

It’s the sweet spot where your week turns around & you Free Your Inner Glow. 

Allowing you to playfully overdress or underdress with confidence, indulge in the luxury and do it with a smile.

Lusso Tan Thursday Club is a community who celebrate the ‘Thursday sweet spot’ and together free their INNER GLOW. 


As a Thursday Club member you get access to exclusive sweet spot missions, in return for the following benefits;

First Access 

Gift Cards & Cash 

Secret Sales

Free Products


We’ve created some great missions for you to get started with, which will earn you gift cards, freebies and more right away!

We think you’ll do an amazing job, so have fun and let us know if you have any questions.