Buyers Choice 2020 Vol 2

Buyers Choice 2020 Vol 2

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What it is

A pick of customer favourites for 2020.

Kit Includes:

Sunless Tanning Brush

Self Tan Lotion (Medium/ Dark)

Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist

Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar 


What it does

The Buyers Choice 2020 Vol 2 is a pick of customers favourites for 2020.

Face & Hand Mist gives a gorgeous radiant glow, evens skin tone & does not transfer onto face masks, minimising break outs. Complete with our favourite skin loving vitamins A&E, this face & hand mist supports cell function and skin health.

The bristles on this sunless tanning mist brush are soft on the skin and were developed to ensure the best absorption and longevity of the tan.

Tinted for swift confident use and easy blending, Self Tan Lotion is infused with antioxidant Vitamins A & E to protect and repair the skin. 60 seconds dry time and fragrance free.

Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar effortlessly remove all traces of a golden glow.


How to apply

Smooth Self Tan Lotion onto cleansed skin blending evenly using the Sunless Tanning Brush for hands, face & feet. Leave to develop and wash off guide colour.

Ensure skin is clean & dry before applying your favourite moisturiser to face & hands. Hold mist approximately 15 cms from the skin and spray. Gently buff, making sure to blend into the hairline, ears and neck with the Sunless Tanning Brush. Allow to dry before applying makeup and leave overnight for best results.  

After 5-7 days stand under a hot shower, massage your skin with the Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar and let it naturally break down the tan. Gently buff away using exfoliating mitts.

Why we love it

  • Simplicity - Each step has a purpose and with just a little effort this best practice tanning can easily become second nature. You will smooth, spritz, stroke and brush yourself to glowing perfection.
  • Assured Results - This method is as foolproof as possible. We've tried to think of everything so you don't have to. Our goal is to help you create consistent results and happier you each time you tan.
  • Skin Nourishment - Our formulas are designed to nourish your skin at every step. So not only do you step out of your home golden and glowing your skin will feel soft and in it's best condition.


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