Self Tan


Self Tan Lotion For Face and Body

Apply the warmth of a Mediterranean Summer to your skin (minus the harmful sun rays) with our natural shade tinted self-tan lotion. Our luxuriously hydrating formula cares for your skin with organic ingredients and creates a gorgeous tan that will smoothly fade in up to 7 days.


  • Buildable shades that suit all skin tones.
  • Tinted for swift, confident use and easy blending, giving a flawless, streak free finish.
  • Quick as a flash, 60 second drying time, so you can dress swiftly.
  • Infused with Antioxidant Vitamins A & E to protect and repair skin damage.
  • Aloe Vera gives more Antioxidants (Beta Carotene, Vitamin C & E, etc.) to sooth, firm, hydrate & heal.

If you feel naked without your tan, simply apply twice a week to keep your shade tip top.

HOW TO USE: With your Lusso Tan Mitt smooth your chosen shade onto cleansed skin. Start at your ankle sweeping the lotion upwards in long, gentle strokes. Simply turn your mitt back to front to apply to your back Finish by gliding the last lotion on your mitt over your hands and feet. Wait 4 - 8 hours before showering to reveal your natural looking Meditteranean tan.

LAYERING YOUR PRODUCTS: Enjoy the Lusso Tan ritual for an exceptionally natural looking tan.
STEP 1 - Mist on your Lusso Tan Primer to refresh, plump and ready your skin.
STEP 2 - Enjoy the soothing sensation of stroking Lusso Tan Tanning Lotion over your skin.
STEP 3 - Boost your results and add radiance with our Lusso Tan Finishing Touch range.

FREE FROM: Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates.

Light 200ml
Medium 200ml
Dark 200ml

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  •  Roslyn - June 2017

    I have no words... I have tried every single tan under the sun! And with everyone there has been something wrong whether it be the colour, or an unbearable smell and the worst- tan causing dry skin, but this tan is perfect! Firstly this product is affordable, it is natural! (So I don't feel just as guilty about damaging my skin with fake tans) the colour is perfection, it looks just like a beautiful bronzed Italian tan and to top this off it has no smell whatsoever ! And it adds moisture to my skin!

  •  Kelly Neill - May 2017

    What an amazing tan! I just love the natural, colour that this tan gives me. The primer has really helped my skin and just makes the tan last even longer. I don't get any dryness or patches with this tan, it drys straight away and develops so evenly. The mitt is a must buy though, it makes the application so easy and flawless.

  •  Tara - March 2017

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