• Holiday Tanning Myths

    Does wearing a false tan prevent a suntan?

    Putting on a sunless tan will not prevent you getting a colour from the sun!  
    When you get a spray or apply a sunless tan to your skin you achieve a colour that you probably would never naturally get to. Therefore, you may appear lighter on day 7 of your holiday than you were on day 1 hence the belief that your tan is magically blocking the sun’s rays.
    To prevent coming home a lighter shade than your arrived we recommend that you apply a top up every 3 or 4 nights with either mousse or lotion.  Fast drying & no smell – ready to go for a night on the town – and the excess can be showered off in the morning.
  • The Birth of Lusso Tan

    About six years ago my sisters and I decided that we really wanted to bring out our own tan.  We had been tanning for maybe 15 16 years you know, and we were always passionate about not only tan but skincare as well. The idea really grew from when I had my little ones. Any products that we were using on the market at the time were just not exactly how we would like them. Especially when you have small babies at home!