Our Promise


For us, simplicity is key. This is why, through many years of practice, we came to perfect the optimal three-step ritual.

Each step has purpose and is designed to fit in with your busy life—making a perennial glow as straightforward and consistent as brushing your teeth or styling your hair. Whether you’re new to tanning or are a bona fide pro, our system will change the way you tan forevermore. 



After tireless research, our formulas are designed to nourish, hydrate, and enhance your skin. We don’t believe that pursuing a glow should compromise what you put on your skin. We’re strongly against nasty, unnecessary chemicals so you’ll only find what’s essential in each bottle. Think: healing and nourishing ingredients that are just as hard-working as your top shelf skincare products. 

Our products are guaranteed to be organic, fragrance-free, and created without parabens or alcohol, and are both vegan and suitable for use during pregnancy.


You can find more on some of our favorite ingredients below:


-Witch Hazel

+Rich in tannins. Astringent. Antioxidant properties. Minimises appearance of pores. Soothes skin. Protects.

-Aloe Vera

+Nutrient rich. Vitamins C & E. Anti-ageing. Moisturising. Hydrating. Plumping. Antibacterial. Soothing.


+Locks in moisture. Hydrating. Protecting. Healing. Prevents dry skin.

-Green Tea Extract

+Antioxidant. Anti-ageing. Soothing. Improves appearance of damaged skin.

-Vitamin A

+Protects. Nourishes. Boosts radiance. Protects from UV damage. Encourages healthy cell production. Prevents infection. Evens skin tone.