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From Cheeto Fingers to Flawless Glow: Understanding and Preventing Tan Stained Hands

Mar 05, 2024Alan Sweeney

Ever experienced the perplexing phenomenon of your fingers resembling Cheetos after a self-tanning session? If the orange tint on your fingers is cramping your bronzed style, fear not – you're not alone. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons behind the Cheeto-finger dilemma and share some tips on how to achieve a flawless self-tan without the telltale orange tint.

The Culprit: Uneven Application:

One of the primary reasons your fingers might end up looking like Cheetos is uneven self-tan application. Fingers have creases and folds that can trap excess tanning product, leading to an accumulation of colour in those areas. Understanding the importance of a meticulous application process is key to avoiding this common tanning mishap, which is why we recommend using a Sunless Tanning Brush.

Neglecting Pre-Tan Prep:

Proper preparation is crucial for a seamless self-tanning experience. Skipping essential steps like exfoliation can result in uneven absorption of the tanning product, leaving your fingers and other areas prone to darker patches. Ensure that you exfoliate & rebalance the skin's pH with our Perfect Primer to create a smooth canvas for an even tan.

Hands together demonstrating the perfect tan application.

Overlooking Hand Protection:

The skin on your hands is naturally drier than the rest of the body, making them susceptible to absorbing more self-tanner. Neglecting to protect your hands during application can lead to an intensified orange hue, resembling the iconic Cheeto shade. Utilise barrier creams or apply a thin layer of regular moisturiser on your hands before tanning to prevent excessive color absorption.

Precision is the Key:

When applying self-tanner to your fingers, take your time to ensure even coverage. Be conscious of the areas where the sun naturally would not hit and don’t apply tan there. Think the sides of the hands, in between fingers and toes and around the heels. Let the edges of the brush caress those areas instead of directly focusing product there. 

Quick Fix: Lusso Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar.

If you find yourself with Cheeto fingers post-tan, fear not! A quick wash with the Lusso Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar will bring you back to a fresh canvas.

Banish the Cheeto fingers and embrace a flawless self-tan by understanding the nuances of application and preparation. Take your time, protect your palms, and ensure an even distribution of product. With the right approach and a touch of precision, you can confidently rock a golden glow without any orange surprises. Say goodbye to the Cheeto effect and hello to a radiant, streak-free tan that leaves you looking sun-kissed and fabulous.

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