Holiday Tanning Myths

Aug 21, 2019Lynsey Bennett
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Here are some of the most frequent holiday tanning questions my sisters and I get asked.

Does wearing a false tan prevent a suntan?

Putting on a sunless tan will not prevent you getting a colour from the sun!  
When you get a spray or apply a sunless tan to your skin you achieve a colour that you probably would never naturally get to. Therefore, you may appear lighter on day 7 of your holiday than you were on day 1 hence the belief that your tan is magically blocking the sun’s rays.

To prevent coming home a lighter shade than your arrived we recommend that you apply a top up every 3 or 4 nights with either mousse or lotion.  Fast drying & no smell – ready to go for a night on the town – and the excess can be showered off in the morning.


Does a sunless or base tan protect from sunburn & UV rays?

Absolutely not. A base tan is no substitute for good sun protection. A sunless tan provides UV protection of around SPF 3-4 which you can both burn and UV Tan through. We recommend a good SPF all year round! UV rays are independent of hot or cold weather and are not blocked by clouds. If there is day light the sun is hitting your skin, it’s as simple as that.

Close up of Co founder Lynsey Bennett wearing a black bikini top and sunglasses holding Lusso Tan Skin Perfector. Co founder Lynsey Bennett beside the pool on holiday wearing a red and white stripped bikini and red hairband. Co founder Leah wearing a white bikini at the beach. Her hair is tied up in a bin and she's holding some Lusso Tan products.

I can’t go out without make up on.

You absolutely can! One of our core values is good skincare and to achieve that your skin needs to breathe. Maybe it comes with age but know this; really heavy make-up doesn’t blend well with your tan, it looks so unnatural, especially if you’re going to the beach. It clogs your pores and it tends to run in the sun as well.  
If you are a little conscious or want a flawless look without the heavy product overload, try our Lusso Tan Skin Perfector. By covering imperfections and reflecting light, our Finishing Touch Skin Perfector enhances your skin tone and covers slight blemishes, freckles & veins. It can be worn in place of foundation through-out the day for a super natural glow and then mixed with a little foundation in the evening for more coverage.

This is a face & body ‘make up’ so it can be applied head to toe for a night out or special event, but we recommend daily use on the face, chest, arms & shoulders.

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Is a spray tan a good idea for holiday?

We always recommend a sunless tan over a suntan all year round. None of our Lusso Tan products contain parabens or other nasty chemicals, but instead hydrate and replenish the skin. As long as you continue to moisturise with a light moisturiser containing no oil and use a chemically balanced soap your spray tan will last and you can always top up with Lusso Tan Rapid Mousse or Lotion.    

Which tan should I take on holiday?

There is no right tan just the right tan for you. If we had to recommend, though, it would be Lusso Tan Rapid Mousse because it’s fool proof. Instant colour, instantly dry & easy to apply. Perfect for busy mums and infrequent tanners.
We are announcing our latest Product on September 5th! It's a world first and  will be available to buy mid September. Will it be another holiday essential?

Our three-step tanning ritual is perfect for busy mums on the go.

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