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Introduction to The Daily Tanning Drops

Aug 03, 2023Lynsey Bennett


“Unlock a whole new level of customization in your tanning routine with The Daily Tanning Drops. Designed to work in harmony with your skin, this product transforms your favourite face or body moisturiser into a bespoke self-tanner and can deepen the results of a tanning product you already adore." - Lynsey Bennett, Lusso Tan Co-Founder.

Packed with natural plant botanicals, antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid, these tanning drops enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Not only are they lightweight and effortlessly absorbed, but they also even out skin tone, restore and balance skin’s moisture, lock in hydration, and allow every user to adjust the intensity of their tan to their desired level.



Customization: Tanning drops allow for a customized experience. Users can control the intensity of their tan by adjusting the number of drops mixed into their usual skin care products.

Ease of Use: They are easy to use and can be incorporated into an existing skincare routine. There's no need for additional steps as you can simply mix the drops with your regular moisturizer.

Overall, the ability to achieve a bespoke, natural-looking tan with added skin benefits, from a product that is easy to use and incorporate into any existing skincare or body care routine, makes The Daily Tanning Drops the number one choice for this summer.



tinted vs clear solutions 

Tinted Solution  Clear Solution 
 Visual Guide  Offers immediate colour on the skin that can act as a guide to ensure even application. Provides no immediate colour change, making it slightly harder to ensure even application. Particularly suited for those with pigmentation or acne scarring, this clear solution ensures your tan complements your skin, without accentuating discoloration or texture
Application  Recommended to use a Mitt & Sunless Tanning Brush to avoid any staining on the palms from the tinted guide colour. Choose between a Mitt & Sunless Tanning Brush or use hands and rinse before the product develops. 
Results  Immediate tinting effect, but the full depth of tan develops over several hours. No immediate effect, the tan develops into a natural golden glow over 6-8.
Best For First-time users or those who want an instant colour along with the developing tan.

Users who don't need instant results or prefer overnight application. 


Those who experience pigmentation/ acne or who are conscious that tan may settle into and accentuate imperfections.


what it is
Lightweight tanning drops that can be mixed with any face or body care product to create a bespoke self-tanner. Available in tinted and clear solutions.

key benefits
Lightweight and easily absorbed. Easy to apply. Natural & Organic Actives. Restores moisture balance. Locks in hydration. Strengthens skin barrier. Fragrance free. Transfer-proof. Vegan friendly. Cruelty free. Suitable for all skin types.

the science
Packed with natural plant botanicals and antioxidants that enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, these drops restore and balance skin's moisture, lock in hydration, and allow you to adjust the intensity of your tan.

Suitable for all skin types, including those with pigmentation or acne scarring.


best practice

*Prep skin in advance with Lusso Tan Primer.
*Shake The Daily Tanning Drops before use.
*Add 1-6 drops to your favourite face or body moisturiser. (Or pair with The Daily Gradual)
*Apply the mixture to your skin, just as you would with your usual face or body care, ensuring you cover all areas evenly.
*Wash hands thoroughly after application to avoid tanned palms.
*Use a Sunless Tanning Brush to coat the back of the hands.
*Leave to develop for 6-8 hours.

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