New Year, New Who?

New Year, New Who? - Lusso Tan


Every. Single. Year. Without fail. We’re bombarded with the “New Year, New Me” but that is not a phrase that we want to live by this year. And we don’t want you to either. We don’t feel the need to go and start changing everything about ourselves just because we’re entering a new year.

Not that we are perfect, because by no means we are. But we actually like the people that we have become, and we don’t have the desire to ‘change’ ourselves because a new year suggests we need to.

2020 has given us a good understanding of who we are, and who we want to be and although it really wouldn’t hurt to include getting a gym membership, expanding (or starting) a savings account, and ditching fast food for our resolutions this year, those are not our main focus. We want to dig below the surface and focus on something that really is important and so in place of resolutions all that we wish for 2021 is to leave people with the impression of increase – which is to leave others feeling better than before they met you.

How will we do this at Lusso HQ?

  • Practice gratitude

  • Keep moving forward toward the good things we want in life

  • Always do our best

  • Bring a loving and proactive spirit to everything we do

  • Celebrate other people’s gifts and highlight what they are doing well

And our wish for you?

To keep being a Lusso Girl because..


She wants to get out into in & get the most out of it!

She takes the time to look after herself, not to fit into convention but to enhance who she is.

Our Lusso girl will indulge in the luxury.

And she'll do it with a smile!


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