Tanning Through Pregnancy And Beyond

Tanning Through Pregnancy And Beyond - Lusso Tan

The science and formulas behind tanning are not always properly understood, even by the most regular tanners. This often leads to confusion and some very important questions for expecting mothers.
The harmless nature of the ingredients found in Lusso Tan formulas should put you at ease about having a gorgeous glow during this beautiful stage of life but let us cover some concerns below.


Is Tanning Safe Throughout Pregnancy?

In short yes. The active ingredient in our tanning products, called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), is non-toxic and isn’t absorbed by the skin during the tanning process. In fact, we use an organic DHA derived from sugar.
This colourless sugar darkens the uppermost layer of the skin by interacting with the proteins and amino acids on the epidermis. None of the components of the tan are absorbed into the body.

The two areas of concern for pregnant clients and health visitors are actually;
1. The potential inhalation of any solution (relevant to spray tan treatments only).
A well-ventilated treatment room will combat this.

Alternative options are to: use nose plugs or a mask and don't spray the face. Ask your therapist to follow up with a brush application once the spray tan is complete.

2. The changes in hormone levels which can lead to increased sensitivity.
Combat this with a patch test. This is especially important for first time tanners but also for those who tan frequently whose sense of smell or skin sensitivity may be heightened during pregnancy.

*Pro Tip – moisturising post treatment is crucial for all tan users but as pregnancy can dry out the skin, moisturising is even more important to keep the tan looking fresh. Our Mama To-Be Moisturising Body Lotion will keep skin soft and supple through-out pregnancy and prolong the life of a sunless tan.


Are All of Your Formulas Safe For Pregnancy? And If So, Why Choose The Mama To-Be Tanning Balm?

Yes, all of our formulas are safe for use during pregnancy.
The difference is that our Mama To-Be Tanning Balm has been formulated specifically to tackle the problems with tanning through-out pregnancy. Rich in Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, CQ10 & Vitamin E to maintain skin’s elasticity and protect against stretchmarks, whilst providing a gorgeous golden colour to maximise your wellbeing both during pregnancy and after the arrival of your little one.

It's fragrance free to battle a heightened sensitivity to smell and the no guide colour formula means it will not react to those pesky pregnancy hormones that can cause a sunless tan to streak & go patchy.

What About Breastfeeding? 
Breastfeeding and tanning can totally go together with a little care.

Pre Application

Spray Tanning -  Use “nipple tape” over the nipples or place a breast-pad over the area so it does not get tanned. Better yet, avoid the breast area completely when spraying. To be safe, wear a bikini top.

At home application – apply moisturiser as barrier to the tan and avoid applying any formula around the nipple.

Post Application

Spray Tanning – Rinse off the guide colour before breastfeeding. Lusso Spray Tan Therapists will offer an Express Formula to accommodate this.

If expressing milk to bottle feed, consider the development time of the tan and plan to express before application & post rinse.
At home application - Be sure to wash the breasts and surrounding area with a gentle body wash and dry well even if the area was avoided during application.

And For Removal?

Our Bloom Bath Bomb – is essential oil free and safe for mums-to-be. Formulated to rejuvenate, nourish, & soften tightly stretched skin, while gently removing all traces of sunless tan.

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