Top 10 Bridal Make Up Tips

With lot's of new engagements in the Lusso Tribe over Christmas & The New Year we decided to invite award winning Irish Make Up Artist & Lusso Tan Stockist Sinead Smith of Maid By Sinead to advise you on her Top 10 Bridal Make Up Tips!

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Your Wedding day shall be one of the most memorable and photographed days of your life. The earlier you begin to plan and prepare your Wedding day look - the less stressful it will be! Check out my top 10 tips when it comes to your Bridal Make-up helping ensure you are a flawless, radiant and glowing Bride.

1. Drink lots of water before the big day.

You are probably sick of hearing this, but I am forever telling my Bride's, especially at trial to ensure they keep hydrated. The difference I have seen in some of my Bride's completions from their trial (6-8 weeks prior to wedding) to the morning if their wedding by simply upping their water intake is amazing.

2. Invest in your skin.

Make sure to start a good skincare regime at least 6 months prior to your wedding day. Having a consultation with a skincare specialist will help with this. Your Bridal make-up will apply and last much longer with a good base. A monthly facial is always a good idea however don't leave it until the last few weeks - this may only cause irritation and possible break outs which is something you want to avoid.

3. Take your wedding season into consideration.

This can have a big impact upon your colour schemes, theme, location and ultimately the bridal look you would like to achieve. A Summer Bride tends to keep her Make-up softer with links, peaches and a brighter palette of colour. On the other hand, Winter Brides tend to opt for a darker palette of colour including a smokey eye red/darker lips to reflect the time of year.

4. Do your research when it comes to deciding on your Make-up Artist.

Cutting corners when it comes to deciding upon your make-up artist is really not a good idea. I consider myself to offer a high end, luxury service for my Bride's therefore I do believe you get what you pay for. Always do your research! Read reviews, follow them on social media and look at their portfolio. Most importantly ensure they have expertise is Bridal make-up. Your artist will need experience working with the high definition camera knowing key products to use and also to avoid. Remember your wedding day photos are going to last a lifetime so you want to know that you are in safe hands on your wedding morning.

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5. Don't leave booking your Make-up Artist to the last minute.

A reputable Bridal make-up Artist can be booked at least 18-24 months in advance so get it booked!! If you like what you see, and they come with a good reputation then get your wedding date secured. I hate to turn anyone away especially when it's their wedding however Brides are becoming more and more organised so don't hang about.

6. Have a Make-up trial.

Most Bridal Make-up Artists incorporate a bridal trial into their Bridal make-up package. This is a great opportunity to get to know your Artist and to chat about skin concerns, colour palette and the Bridal look you would like to achieve. Most of my Bride's book me based on the flawless, glowing skin look I love to create. At bridal trial stage you should have all your Bridesmaids colours and flowers confirmed which helps to create an overall uniform look for your Bridal Party.

7. Always have a Bridal touch-up kit in your bag.

Make sure to have a touch-up bag at hand to use throughout the day. A lipstick, lipgloss, setting powder and mineral foundation are key items to include. As a Bride you will find that your guests will all be showering you with hugs and kisses which to ultimately will cause transfer. It is important to keep the essentials at hand ensuring your look is maintained for Photography.

8. Always have a spray tan trial.

This is something I cannot stress enough! Over the years I have seen many spray tan disasters - and on your wedding day this is something you will want to avoid at all costs! A subtle, golden glow is what I recommend for my Bride's and their Bridal parties. Personally, I recommend Lusso tan which is a natural paraben free tan with no smell. Bridal spray tans are also another service which I can offer my Bridal parties ensuring everyone has the same golden glow and perfectly colour matched when it comes to foundation.

 9. Stay timeless

Try and avoid any make-up trends - remember your photos will outlive any harsh lines and dark eyes! Your children and Grandchildren years down the line will be in awe of a look that shows class, elegance and beauty at its very best.

10. Be you!

If a red lip is your signature look then don't be afraid to wear it. Confidence is key when you are getting ready to walk up the aisle, so you want to make sure you look and feel your ultimate best. If there is a particular lip or eye colour you don't like, tell your make-up artist. Likewise, your make-up artist should listen to your thoughts and ideas taking these into consideration when creating your wedding day look. I always encourage my brides to look a more enhanced, fresh, beautiful version if themselves.

If you still need a Professional Make-up Artist for your big day, I would be delighted to help. Voted 'Bridal Make-up Artist of the year 2019' in the Northern Ireland Make-up and Beauty Awards & Wedding Journal Reader Awards 2018 Bridal Beauty Winner

Love Sinead x
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