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Which Selling Sunset Star Are You According to the Lusso Tan products you love?

Sep 01, 2020Bold Apps


Our favourite lockdown binge is back for another season and the hype is real.  (Did anyone else hammer out all 262 minutes in one weekend?!)

Season 3 brought it all, Chrishell’s ‘bombshell’ divorce from famous husband Justin Hartley, , Amanza’s custody battle, Maya’s second pregnancy (YAY!), many MANY scenes dedicated to Heather & Tarek’s relationship, who in under a year started dating, started hanging out with Tarek’s kids, moved in together and got betrothed. Without forgetting THE Christine Quinn’s killer not so white wedding.

Somehow, these incredibly dramatic gals also find the time to sell million dollar real estate too? Not according to Chrissy Teigen who claimed this week that she looks at LA real estate a lot and has ‘never seen any of these people’ and neither have her agents who she has ‘obsessively asked’. To which none of the cast responded to, bar Oppenheim group owner Jason who had this to say “Regarding your agent’s knowledge of members of my team, I respectfully don’t know him either although that doesn’t mean he isn’t successful…”.

It’s the series that keeps on giving and a prominent topic for morning coffee chat at Lusso HQ and so naturally we have determined which stars would pair up with our luxury tanning products.

A staple part of the Brokerage and the Selling Sunset family, Mary Fitzgerald is a timeless classic. It makes sense to pair her up with one of the products from our original line up – our signature Self Tan Lotion in shade Dark. A luxuriously hydrating formula to repair and protect the skin and 60 second drying time, perfect for flying out the door to those early morning showings!


Mary’s BFF Amanza Smith is all about the accessories and we surmise she would be a shimmer gal. Sweep our Lusso Tan Shimmer along cheekbones, collarbones, shoulders & shins for sunkissed highlights or mix with moisturiser for an all over body shimmer.

Chrishell Stause hasn’t had an easy ride going from new-comer to divorcee. Taking some time out with family is her go to in times of stress, and we feel that. Our go to for de-stress is the Lusso Tan Removing Bath Bomb and for Chrishell it would obvs be the Summer Meadow because, hello, it’s pink. Simple drop your fizzy Bath Bomb into a running bath & delight in the essential aroma that will fill your bathroom. Submerge in the milky pink water for an all over skin soothing treatment and to buff away your tan.

Heather Rae Young has been on cloud nine since announcing her romance with and now engagement to Tarek El Moussa. As a bride to be, this was a no brainer! Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable and photographed days of your life and so this match made in heaven is Heather x Lusso Tan Perfector. By covering imperfections and reflecting light, our Finishing Touch Skin Perfector enhances skin tone to reveal a healthy, glowing and picture perfect complexion.

Dallas native and fashion forward Christine Quinn has the boujee-ist of lifestyles and would obviously seek to hire the most skilled of professionals using superior sunless spray tanning products.  The most efficient and effortless way to achieve the perfect sunless tan is to be professionally sprayed from top to toe and so we designate Christine – a Lusso Professional Spray Tan in shade Light.

Since the release of season three, it’s safe to say the nation has united in one thing and that is the fact there is a new TV villain amongst us – Davina Potratz. Our feeds are filled with countless savage memes about her, including “If 2020 was a person, it would be Davina from Selling Sunset”.  We don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives. 

The real queen of the show Maya Vander is too busy gaining more qualifications, hitting commission and jetting between Miami & LA to get caught up in the drama in addition to bringing up baby no1 while growing baby no2. For all of that she deserves not one but two product allocations and we’ve designated our Perfect Primer & Rapid Tan Mousse. Our Rapid Tan Mousse is the ideal sunless tanning product for busy women and mums, developing in one hour for light, two for medium and deeper again overnight. Adorning minimal make up and a flawless glow, we’re sure Maya is the type to start the day with a spritz of antioxidant vitamins A & E, lactic acid and witch hazel, in the form our Lusso Tan Primer. 

(Image credits: Insider, The Sun, PageSix & Newsfeed Media)

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