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24 Hour Getaway - What products to pack?

Sep 22, 2020Lynsey Bennett


Our feeds were filled with overnight getaways this weekend and we LOVED that so many of you couldn’t spend just one sundown without your Lusso Tan essentials!

Getting away for a weekend, or even just one night, is just oh so refreshing.

When was the last time you truly had time to just let go of all your worries, the toddler tantrums and the endless to do lists? A night away allows you to reenergise, gives you mental clarity and is the perfect opportunity for a change of pace.

In case you’re not sold yet, science has proven over and over that people who take occasional time away from their day-to-day lives are happier overall. And, you deserve to be happy.

You’ll need to pack just right for minimum baggage but maximum fun and we don’t know about you but the hardest part for us is leaving behind all the ‘just in case’ items. Multiple gym co-ords for the morning workout we have no intention of doing, our most luxurious bath lotions that won’t see the light of our hotel room and enough make up to do up an entire bridal party.

Sound familiar?

We’ve put together this space saving, essentials only list of products you will actually put to use whilst still feeling fabulous on your next 24 hour getaway!

Deodorant, toothpaste & tooth brush are all of the toiletries required however if you want your sunless tan to last we recommend bringing your trusted chemically balanced soap.

No need for a full spectrum of skincare options! A cleanser & moisturiser will suffice – unless you’re totally regimented with your night time routine, the odds are you’ll have a few glasses of wine (with dinner at least) and ignore the rest.

Our rule for make up is anything that doesn't fit into your make up bag doesn't come with. How big your make up bag is up to you, but we will say that you can surely pull of full face of glam with 10-15 products (including your brushes). 





24 hours can pass in the blink of an eye so you’ll want to do your tan beforehand, (or better still, treat yourself to a spray tan), to make the most of your time. But, obviously, bring your Face & Hand Mist & Sunless Tanning Brush for topping up.

From the very beginning we have always said to perfect your tan it takes more than just coating yourself in a tanning lotion.

Consider your make up application, would you expect a perfect look by applying foundation without a moisturiser beforehand or some blusher or bronzer afterwards? No? Exactly.

Apply our Finishing Touch Skin Perfector before heading out in the evening for a truly flawless finish. Also perfect in place of foundation for the trip home, this face and body make enhances skin tone & covers slight blemishes (Yay!) With it’s natural shade tint and instant results your skin will appear healthy, glowing and perfected.

Finally we must add that no Saturday night glow would be complete without a light dusting of Finishing Touch Shimmer to shoulders & shin bones. We love this product because it is so versatile. It can be swept along the cheekbones, collarbone, shoulders & shins for a sun kissed highlight, used as an eyeshadow or mixed with moisturiser for an all over body shimmer.

Let us no if you've tried any of these products before and make sure you keeping tagging us @Lussotan so we can share the love!

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