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8 Tricks to Make Your Sunless Tan Last So Much Longer

Sep 29, 2020Lynsey Bennett



There’s nothing better than sporting a fresh tan that has you doing double takes in the mirror.

Golden skin inspires us to feel our best and on top of our game and it’s a known fact that the two main reasons for applying a sunless tan is to look well and feel confident.

Regarding that tanned look though, we don’t know about you, but we want to keep ours for as long as possible!

As a rule of thumb your sunless tan should start to fade naturally between days 3 and 7 depending on which brand you use and your skin tone.

If you’re noticing that your sunless tan seems to fade too quickly or you just want to prolong it, listen up - here are the best ways to extend your sunless tan as long as possible:



Often the dreaded part of tanning prep, it’s crucial to exfoliate your body to ensure your Self Tan Lotion or Rapid Tan Mousse has some fresh smooth skin to adhere to. With exfoliation you are increasing the circulation of blood in your skin, removing dull & parched surface cells and encouraging the growth of new cells – the perfect prep for the sunless-tanning to come.

Don’t go to crazy though, you don’t want to irritate the skin and too much scrubbing can result in dry patches.


Shave or Wax Beforehand

You’ll want to be silky smooth in all the right places before you get your glow on and you’ll need to do this 24 hours beforehand to avoid any razor bumps or patches.  

Which method is best?

A great tan comes down to great formulas and an educated technique for application. We’ve put the work in so you can rest assured your Lusso Tan will perfectly pair with which ever method you choose to ditch the fuzz as long as you leave enough time before applying but if you’re looking for some inspiration check out our Hair Removal Run Down.   


Perfect Primer

We always want our customers to get the most out of their tan and for it to be long lasting and so as skin therapists we decided to create something for the first step that would rebalance the skins PH leaving it soft and ensuring a long-lasting tan, our Protecting Primer for face and body.

Immediately before you tan, lightly mist over your face & body and pat gently to remove any excess. Added BONUS it plumps the skin, diminishing fine lines & wrinkles especially on the face and décolleté.




Mega hot showers dry your skin out so watch your water temperature. We have lots of fitness gurus using Lusso Tan (like the Sculpted Vegan) who will all testify to how well it wears through numerous daily work outs followed by showers so as long as you leave enough time between application and your first shower your golden glow will be invincible (for 5-7 days at anyway).

Shower Tip - leave your mitt in the shower after applying and give it a wash when your rinsing off your guide colour so you have a clean mitt for every application.  


Hydrate and Moisturize Before & After

Moisturising is super important - especially on your elbows, knees and feet!

These areas have tougher, drier skin than anywhere else which means they can hold a sunless tan easier and means those areas are at risk of being much darker and uneven in comparison to the rest of your body.


Your feet, elbows and knees contain more dead cells than the rest of your body and when hit with DHA (the developping agent in tan), a chemical reaction occurs that causes the skin to become darker which may outlast the rest of your body requiring a fresh application sooner than our 5-7 days.

No. Thank. You.

To prolong the tan and keep your skin from drying out make sure you drink lots of water and keep your skin hydrated with a daily moisturiser.


Avoid Harsh Products

We’ve given you a lot of Do’s so far so it’s time for a Don’t.

Some products while soft on your skin can be chemically dense and can end up taking away some of your gorgeous tan so you’ll want to avoid those. Think exfoliants, oily bath lotions & shower products etc. Instead opt for a chemically balanced soap.



Your face is the first thing people notice about you and a sun-kissed glow can work wonders for your complexion but anyone with a good skincare routine will know that it’s hard to hold onto a sunless tan there (and the same with hands) so reapply with Lusso Tan Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist & sunless tanning brush to keep everything matching.

Final and Most Important Note…

Our final tip is to make sure you put all of the above effort into a sunless tan that’s worth extending! It’s oh so important to begin with a quality formula that will leave you aching to keep it for as long as possible.... like Lusso Tan. 

Let us no if you've tried any of tricks and make sure you keeping tagging us @Lussotan so we can share the love!


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