4 Ways To Tell That You're A Lusso Girl

4 Ways To Tell That You're A Lusso Girl - Lusso Tan

You know that preparation is vital for tanning results.

You know that to perfect your tan it takes more than just coating yourself in a tan lotion.

Consider your make up application, would you expect a perfect look by applying foundation without a moisturiser beforehand or some bronzer afterwards? Us neither.

You know that for the best result your tan should start with silky smooth, primed skin, followed by a great natural looking tan shade and then for that final dimension add highlight, contour or shimmer to really lift the tan & make it look sensational.

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You own multiples of your favourite tanning essentials.

You're better stocked than your local chemist with tanning tools and products and you’re the go to in your friendship group if anyone runs out.

You’ve got lotions and mousses, individual mitts for each and one for Skin Perfector too.

You justify your stash because it allows you to pull off different results, depending on your social calendar. Your date night go to is Dark Lotion, followed up with Skin Perfector & a touch of Shimmer but your school run get up might look more like an hour or Rapid Tan Mousse & some Face & Hand Mist.

You’ve been using brushes for hard to tan areas for years.

Tanning brushes aren’t a new thing for you. You don’t fall for industry trends, and no one is going to convince you to apply your glow from head to toe with a brush, but you’ve been using them for hands, feet and face for years.

As a pro tanner you never have obvious tan lines. The transition from the wrist to the palm of your hand is untraceable and the same from face to chest.

Everyone you know is getting a Face & Hand Kit for Christmas this year so they can master this too.

You’re often seen without makeup but rarely without a tan.

There are some things in life you instinctively know will make you feel good: sleeping in a freshly made bed, stepping on crunchy Autumn leaves and top of that list for you is having a flawless tan.

Sure painting your face for a night out with the girls is part of the fun, but you’re confident in your own skin and can happily go for days without the warpaint.

Tan on the other hand is a daily confidence boost your seldom seen without. You can pull off our signature 3 Step Ritual in just 10 minutes and it only needs to be applied once a week.

The wearable guide colour that comes with Lusso Tan paired with fragrance free formulas and 60 second dry time means you can apply and go at any given moment.


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