Foolproof Your Back To School Tanning Routine

Foolproof Your Back To School Tanning Routine - Lusso Tan


As a 30 something working mum, you’re bracing yourself for the already spinning hamster wheel to go turbo as you prepare for ‘back to school’ in the coming weeks. After 6 months of juggling pandemic life you’re preparing for chaotic mornings, multiple daily school runs, more supermarket shopping, a never-ending laundry pile, and generally keeping the peace.

We know you are busy. We know your first priority is looking after your family. We also know that you deserve to feel and look your best at all times. A light golden tan not only enhances a positive mental attitude, it supports a good self-care routine and can banish a dull & tired complexion. Multiuse products & Lusso tanning hacks are your friend!

Fast drying and fragrance free, Lusso Tan, was designed for busy women and mums. Our luxurious hydrating formulas care for your skin and create a tan that will smoothly fade in up to 7 days.

So, what products do we have that will free your inner glow and get you ready to take on the back to school mission looking and feeling your best? Plenty! But here’s a rundown of our top three picks.




1. The Bath Bomb

The ultimate tanning hack!
The schools starting back seemed like forever away and now you’re running around sorting uniforms, school bags, haircuts etc. You’re ready for a fresh coat of tan but trying to squeeze in a full body scrub to remove the remanence of your last application and dead skin cells is not on the cards.
We’ve got you covered! Take just 15 minutes and relax in a bath filled with essential oil infused water & watch your tan dissolve before your eyes. And believe us, your tan will never apply so good, as it does following a soak with the Lusso Bath Bomb! Available in the original citrus scent and the highly demanded Summer Meadow.

2. Rapid Tan Mousse

The perfect product for the busiest of mums. Ideal for last minute plans - leave on one hour for a light glow, two for medium coverage and four for a deep golden glow. Glides on like a dream for a no mess, no fuss application.  Dries in 60 seconds and the guide colour is so wearable, there is no need to plan ahead the night before. Our Rapid Tan Mousse will last roughly 5-7 days before you need to reapply.

3. Skin Perfector

In a nutshell – it hides a multitude of sins! Not ready for a fresh application? Apply a layer of our finishing touch Skin Perfector on top of your 5 day old tan and it will look as good as new (for 24 hours anyway). Remember those multi use products we mentioned? There’s more. This luminous formula veils blemishes and imperfections revealing healthy and glowing skin. Apply to the front of the leg to highlight and elongate. Wear in place of foundation for a natural dewy look, perfect for the school run, or mix with foundation for more coverage and to better blend your face with your body.

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