Change of season? Time to switch up your products?

Change of season? Time to switch up your products? - Lusso Tan

It’s time we have a little chat about the weather; about how the season’s change and are always changing and how these changes require a swift sartorial edit of our skincare routine and our wardrobes.. but is the same required of our tanning routines?


There’s one product in your tanning arsenal that is absolutely trans seasonal and that is Perfect Primer. Whereas a moisturiser acts as a barrier Primer will quench the skin’s thirst whilst complementing and enhancing the tanning formula that follows.


But what other selections will safely guide our sunny complexions through these in between weeks of parched dry skin and the sunlit shores of sweat and unwanted pigmentation?


While we’re still pondering whether makeup free will be a theme for summer 2021 (with the promise of a ‘roaring 20’s’ post lockdown) you’ll want to get your skin in ship shape anyway. That means saving your Primer for the neck down and opting for Moisturising Mist when it comes to the face. You’ll thank us for the hydration boost a la hyaluronic acid!


Hopefully, we’ll be far too busy rushing out the door to enjoy the sunshine in the mornings to worry about applying a full face (before work at least) so now’s the time to nail your tantouring. You'll want to apply Golden Glow before bed, wait a few seconds for it to dry in and follow up with a second coat using your fluffy brush to the cheek bones, temples and jaw line only.




If you’re not already applying from top to toe weekly, you’re doing yourself a disservice. We implore you to get into a good routine with your tanning, not just to boost your confidence all week long, but it’s a great base for when your makeup starts melting off and more importantly it gives you the freedom to wear what ever you want at any given moment. Let’s not be held ransom because you’ve only tanned from the shins or elbows down.


Should you feel like showing some skin (weather permitting) a touch of Skin Perfector will veil any dullness left behind from harsh winter weather and bring that much desired luminosity to level up your look. It’s included in our free gift with purchase this month, so you can grab one for free when you spend £30 online.



Finally, you’ll want the freedom of a fresh application when ever the notion takes you and for that you’ll enjoy the helping hand from our Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar. Your Lusso Tan should last 5-7 days but with the deeper shades worn in spring and the influx of outdoor activities it’s good to have the option.


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