Do the new EU Regulations mean the end of professional tanning as we know it?

Do the new EU Regulations mean the end of professional tanning as we know it? - Lusso Tan

With so many spray tan therapists contacting Lusso Tan HQ on the daily, in search of dark & ultra dark spray tan solutions that fall within the European regulations of 10% DHA we want to reiterate that as of January 2022 ALL Lusso Tan products both for professional salon & at home use have been successfully reformulated and are receiving incredible feedback!


The science of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone).

DHA is the tanning agent that reacts with amino acids on the top layer of the skin to darken the appearance of the cells for a prolonged period. An instant tan will not have any DHA where as Rapid, Dark & Ultra Dark etc all do in order to provide the coveted Lusso Tan glow that will last 5-7 days.

Traditionally, the higher the DHA the darker the tan. A Medium could contain 8% whereas an Ultra Dark could be as high as 16%.

The colouring of the skin will usually fade within days to weeks depending on the product type, i.e. whether it is a gradual tanner or full colour product. This fade process occurs as the dead skin cells shed from the skin. This is why pre-exfoliation of the skin is preferable when wanting a long-lasting tan. 


The European Commission DHA Regulations

On 20 October 2020, the European Commission notified a draft regulation to the World Trade Organisation proposing to amend Annex III of the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation capping the concentration of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) at 10%. This was following an opinion from the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) in March 2020.

The official warning from the EU reads: "All Brand Owners of products containing DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) amend their Formulations to ensure they do not exceed the maximum amount of 10%. Roll out of these new regulations state that Brand Owners will no longer be permitted to sell to Retailers (B2B) from January 2022, And all Online / Ecommerce sales must cease from April 2022."

This new Regulation will only be applicable in the EU and Northern Ireland The UK will not automatically implement  EU SCCS opinions and legislative amendments into the UK Cosmetics Regulation.


So what have we done?

We lowered the DHA and have added natural tanning accelerators.

We have known about this for a LONG time. As far back as March 2020 when the SCCS published their opinion on the concentration of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

We work with THE BEST chemists in the world and upon their advice, that this opinion was likely to be proposed as an amendment, agreed to begin the process of researching options for reformulating.

As skincare experts we welcomed these changes. DHA has been known to have a drying effect on the skin and although we use an organic DHA in Lusso Tan products and have added ingredients to counteract, and to suit the most sensitive of skins, anything that is more gentle on the skin is a bonus at Lusso Tan HQ.

We have lowered the DHA but have added natural tanning accelerators and we could not be happier! You’re still going to get the same amazing colour pay off and lasting power in our dark, ultra dark and rapid tans. Our consumers, and your clients, will see no difference. They will however notice that Lusso Tan is even more gentle on the skin, more hydrating on the skin and the skin is going to feel EVEN SOFTER.

Initially we presumed that Lusso Tan products would continue to trade outside of Europe (including in the UK) unamended, but made the decision roll out globally because the new formulations are just so incredible and so much healthier for the skin. The wear of is absolutely unbeatable!


Which formulas have been amended?

Spray Tan

Dark Spray Tan Solution – reduced from 12% to 10%

Ultra Dark Spray Tan Solution – reduced from 16% to 10%

Express Spray Tan Solution – reduced from 14% to 10%.


Retail Products

Tinted Self Tanning Mousse – Dark

Tinted Self Tanning Mousse – Ultra Dark

Rapid Tan Mousse


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