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Holiday Edit - Lusso Tan

Is a sunless tan a good idea for holiday?

We recommend a sunless tan over a suntan all year round. None of our Lusso Tan products contain parabens or other nasty chemicals, but instead hydrate and replenish the skin. Whether you opt for a Professional Spray Tan or an at home application, as long as you keep the skin hydrated with our Moisturising Body Lotions and use a chemically balanced soap your Lusso Tan will wear well.

Which tan should I take on holiday?

Our Summer Meadow Tanning Balm! It applies just like your favourite moisturiser and melts into the skin like no formula on the market guaranteeing a plumper, smoother and more radiant glow with every pump. (Be sure to pick up our Sunless Tanning Brush to coat the tops of the hands).
To prevent coming home a lighter shade than your arrived we recommend that you apply a top up every 3 or 4 nights to keep your glow on point.  

What about the face?

Our Summer Meadow Tanning Balm is suitable for the face and body. However some users prefer to stick with our Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist for topping up the hands and face more frequently. Vitamins A & E work to boost skin health and banish blemishes leaving you with a sunny, happy complexion. 

Anything to add highlight?

We want your glow to go the extra mile so we created our finishing touch range to add luminosity, where as a tan has a flat finish. Apply our Finishing Touch Skin Perfector before heading out in the evening for a truly flawless finish. This instant tan with a hint of makeup will not only tackle hard to tan areas to enhance the shade, but it will also lift the end result to elevate your look.

Does wearing a false tan prevent a suntan?
Putting on a sunless tan will not prevent you getting a colour from the sun.
When you get a spray or apply a sunless tan to your skin you achieve a colour that you probably would never naturally get to. Therefore, you may appear lighter on day 7 of your holiday than you were on day 1 hence the belief that your tan is magically blocking the sun’s rays.

Does a sunless or base tan protect from sunburn & UV rays?
Absolutely not. A base tan is no substitute for good sun protection. We recommend a good SPF all year round! UV rays are independent of hot or cold weather and are not blocked by clouds. If there is day light the sun is hitting your skin, it’s as simple as that.

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