Heatwave Survival 101

Heatwave Survival 101 - Lusso Tan

The wall-to-wall sunshine was all fun and games over the weekend with trips to the seaside and outdoor brunching but with Monday came the reality of sweaty commutes and an 8-hour workday to contend with tipping our love hate relationship with the hot weather ever so slightly into the negative.

It’s the weather we’ve been longing for, for months and let’s face it, we’ll be devastated at the first sign of cloud cover, so we’ve put together some of our favourite tips for embracing the impossibly humid conditions and looking our best while doing it.

Keep Yourself Cool

Aside from a portable fan or a dip in the kiddies paddling pool, we’ll admit the choices for dropping a few degrees are minimal, but all is not lost. Store your Perfect Primer in the fridge and when it feels like everything’s beginning to melt spritz all over for instant relief.

The cool mist will soothe, while quenching thirsty skin and the antioxidant boost will help fight against the free radical attack from sun exposure. An absolute godsend if you commute to work! 


Replace Your Base

Introduce Golden Glow to your PM skincare routine; a lightweight and nourishing formula with no guide colour to melt off during the developing time.

It’s ideal for perfecting that effortless sun-kissed look, will give you the confidence to forego foundation and does not transfer onto face masks, minimising break outs.

Lighten the Load

Less makeup means less opportunity for drippage, so if you are not happy skipping your base then at least lighten the load.

Try mixing your foundation with your favourite moisturiser, not only will it lessen the consistency, but it will blend better & hydrate the skin giving the appearance of your makeup being one with your skin. 

Alternatively, opt for spot concealing. Make sure the concealer blends seamlessly, so you don’t see the difference between product & skin by tapping onto the face with your ring finger and stippling into the skin using a small fluffy brush with dense bristles.

Breathable Fabrics

When sweat is left to dry in can dehydrate the skin which is the enemy of tanning. The tightness or moisture in your clothes can also breakdown tan and result in strange patterns so be smart when selecting outfits for the day ahead.
Favour breathable fabrics like cool linen or cotton and remember that lighter colours reflect the sun, whereas dark absorbs.
The closer the fabric sits on your skin the hotter you’ll be, so loose and flowy will be your sun saviour, followed up with cool showers & generous moisturising.


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