Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar – Our Summer Saviour

Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar – Our Summer Saviour - Lusso Tan

It’s been the most glorious two weeks of summer sun, with temperatures reaching record-breaking highs of 30C+.

To put that into perspective, our little island usually experiences around 270 days of rain sticking to what it knows with mildly crisp weather and an average temperature of 10C.

As the degrees begin to drop this week, we’ll be doing one of two things; getting over the shock or complaining about the rain and counting down the days until the warmer conditions return as forecasted for August.

Pre heatwave, you might have envisioned your summer skin being tanned, smooth and glowing, but (as we now know) that can be somewhat challenging through out prolonged periods of sunshine when contending with day-to-day responsibilities & extensive socialising. That’s why the Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar is officially our Summer Saviour!


A Lusso glow should last 5-7 days but there a several factors that come into play including darker shades on fairer skin types and how you apply or look after your tan for sunny day activities.

Over application around the ankles and feet paired with a week of strappy sandals or frequent sea dips without appropriate moisturising can easily equal a sunless tanning nitemare and this lemon-scented bar is a game changer for a stress-free repair job should you only make it to day 4. After all your new summer wardrobe deserves a flawless tan to match!

Making the tan removal process a doddle, Tan-Be-Gone combines essential oils and hydrating plant-based ingredients to leave your skin tan-free and velvety smooth in record timing.  Thanks to Cacao, Shea & Mango Seed Butter, it’s as moisturising as it is convenient. In mere minutes, your skin will be radiant, replenished and left feeling like you’ve just come from a weekend at the spa. Perfect for a fresh application.

Here are 3 simple steps for using Tan-Be-Gone effectively:
1. Each has been hand moulded with a smooth outer surface in order to seal and protect the ingredients inside but for best results, we recommend cutting your bar into two or three. Not only will it give you a better grip of Tan-Be-Gone but it will also release the grains and oils to work their magic!

2. Next up you’ll want to rinse the bar to activate and apply generously to dry skin in order to build up a lather. Alternatively, you can rinse the body and move out of the water flow to lather up. Both work effectively as long as the ingredients are worked into the skin before rinsing.

3. The coarse sugar grains will provide a light exfoliation and you'll want to back that up with an exfoliating mitt to uncover fresh new skin cells and allow your moisturiser or Primer (depending on whether you want to tan immediately or the following morning) to penetrate more deeply.  This is especially important during tropical temperatures, when the skin needs extra hydration and protection despite the misleading layer of sweat.

Bonus tip*
If you’re executing a quick turnaround, and shaving is your hair removal method of choice – a fresh blade is vital to avoid those pesky razor bumps. You should be changing your blade every 4 to 6 weeks and more frequently if you perform the task more than twice weekly.

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