Hot Girl Summer?

Hot Girl Summer? - Lusso Tan
Beachy waves, gorgeous skin and a golden glow really is the ultimate ‘Hot Girl Summer’ look. And wasn’t the outrageous weather this weekend the perfect reminder that we could be in for a HOT summer!

At LT HQ we appreciate that not all of us are finding it so easy to nail the ‘Hot Girl Summer’ mindset.

Showing a little more skin on top of the already lingering pressure to dress for a crowd again is a LOT and it’s ok if you feel like that. As your honorary sisters it’s our duty to remind you that Hot Girl Summer simply means you are going to party, have fun with your friends, be confident and live your best life during the warmer months.  And you deserve that.

You can go makeup free, even if your conscious of acne, redness or pigmentation.

You can rock flip flops and sandals even if you hate your feet, and crocs even if your friends (and 90% of our followers) think they’re gross.

You can ‘underdress’ for brunch and ‘overdress’ for the food shop and you should if it makes you feel good.  

You can wear what ever the hell you want and that includes following the latest trends or choosing to avoid them. It means showing all the skin or opting to only highlight the parts you love.  

Lusso Tan is for every BODY and as a Lusso Girl you are never ‘too big’, ‘too small’ or ‘too old’ to Free Your Inner Glow.


And if you still need a helping hand we’ve got you. Here are a few of our top tips for living your best life and feeling at your most confident.


Don’t give too much head space to your insecurities. Instead, be proactive about changing the things that make you feel that way. Easier said than done, we know, but simple things like having a pedicure if you don’t like your feet will make the world of difference. Your tootsies probably aren’t as bad as you think and actually the worse they are the more satisfying it is for your therapist so that’s all the more reason to book.

We’re not talking about breaking the bank here. In fact, for us, it’s more about how our at home routines make us feel rather than how they make us look. Your locks will FEEL like they look amazing the morning after a hair masque, regardless if it’s actually made any impact.

Make the ‘extras’ part of your everyday. You know those additional steps in your getting ready routine that only make an appearance when you’re out out? Face masque on a Monday, wear lashes on a Tuesday and apply Skin Perfector on top of your tan always.



We’ve said this before but if you’re not already applying from top to toe weekly, you’re doing yourself a disservice. We implore you to get into a good routine with your tanning, not just to boost your confidence all week long, but it’s a great base for when your makeup starts melting off and more importantly it gives you the freedom to wear what ever you want at any given moment. Let’s not be held ransom because you’ve only tanned from the shins or elbows down.

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