Does SPF affect fake tan?

Does SPF affect fake tan? - Lusso Tan
One hundred and forty nine. The number of DM’s we’ve received in the last 30 days asking for spf recommendations or querying if spf will negatively affect our sunless tan application.
We are DEAD at the commitment to the Lusso Glow but skin health must come first!
Which means that the best spf, is merely the one that you will reapply every two hours - providing it’s still in date and hasn’t been lying in the bathroom cabinet since that day trip to the beach last summer.

Nonetheless if you want to get deep about it, we are happy to indulge!

Our fundamentals when it comes to spf are as follows:
+ It's essential every day (even if your plans don’t include an extended period of fun in the sun).

+ You’ll want to choose a minimum of SPF 30 and reapply throughout the day.  

+ Always store in a cool dry place away from sunlight and when you are out and about, try wrapping your sunscreen in a towel or keeping it in your bag. If your formula has been exposed to heat, direct sunlight, bacteria or moisture it can degrade faster and provide less protection - or even none at all.

+ If the texture has changed, for example become more watery or grainy, the product is discoloured or has a different odour to when you first opened it, it’s time to repurchase.

And when it comes to the formula?
Just like with skin care and tanning products SPF has come a long way.  As it has found its way into favour, big beauty has jumped on the sunscreen bandwagon in a big way.

You can now find SPF in everything from foundations to serums to lip balms, and that’s in addition to the fact that regular-old SPF is becoming much more advanced and cosmetically elegant.
When fishing for the perfect catch in the sea that is the spf aisle we recommend these two things:

+ Treating it like the rest of the skincare products in your regime and opting for ingredients that will compliment your skin type. Sensitive skins may do better with physical sunscreens over chemical.

Whereas, physical formulas are often heavier and thicker on the skin than chemical sunscreens with the same SPF they can be less suited to oily or acne prone types.
+ Realistically, if you moisturise daily your tan will go unscathed but if you want an spf that will work in harmony with your sunless tan then watch out for ingredients like oil and alcohol that will potentially dry out the skin or break down your glow. Perfect Primer, Moisturising Mist & Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist are perfect for hydration and reapplication (and they're up to 50% off until Thursday 10th June). 

Here are some brands we’re currently loving:

They’re the experts on skincare, with over 30 years of experience in the skincare industry. With a huge range of products that cater to absolutely every skin concern and need, Dermalogica should be your new go-to if you like effective, results-driven products.

Lynsey’s go to is Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 but we also love the versatility of Solar Defence Booster SPF50 which can be used alone or mixed with your favourite moisturiser or foundation.

Jane Iredale

We’ve got Lusso Brand Ambassador & master skin genius Corinna Tolan to thank for this hero: Powder Me Spf 30 Dry Sunscreen. A weightless, DRY, physical SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen for face, body and scalp in a refillable flow-through vegan brush. Wear alone or over makeup and available in Translucent, Nude, Golden & Tanned.

La Roche Posay

Pretty much every formula from La Roche Posay is a yes from us but we especially love the Anthelios Sun Protection Face Mist.

An incredibly high UVA and UVB protection with the light, fresh texture of a thermal spring water. The highly moisturising spray is easy to apply, quickly absorbed and delivers anti-shine action with a dry finish and no white marks.

Perfect for face and body, reapplying over makeup and the gorgeous fresh fragrance ensures a long lasting clean feeling.


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