Six Reasons Why Skin Perfector Is Essential For Summer

Six Reasons Why Skin Perfector Is Essential For Summer - Lusso Tan

There are a couple of factors that came in to play when we decided to formulate Lusso Tan. You’re probably familiar with the story about Lynsey having a spray tan in the weeks following the birth of her twins and how that affected what we wanted from the finished products.

What you may not know though, is that we also took a lot of inspiration from our brand partners in the spa and what they did through-out the facial process.

 The treatments that were achieving the best results for our clients were the ones that layered effective products to target each concern both during and AFTER. And so, we focused on the aftercare products, that no one else was considering at the time.

We did a lot of market research within our salons and spas. Who better to ask than the people that we were tanning at the time? The result of that research was our ‘finishing touch’ line and in particular Skin Perfector.

We don’t usually relegate this makeup meets tan icon to the warmer seasons but admittedly we haven’t shown much skin in the last 10 months.  Ergo, we are dedicating Summer ’21 to Skin Perfector and to giving YOU the glow you truly deserve.

Here are six reasons why it’s your summer tanning essential.

1. Our Skin Perfector is a one-way ticket to gorgeous skin - think of it like the Instagram Paris filter brought to life! By covering imperfections and reflecting light it enhances skin tone and airbrushes blemishes, freckles, and veins to leave your complexion healthy and highlighted.

2. Some skin tones don’t host a sunless tan as well as others and those who do tend to enjoy a deeper hue. This instant tan with a hint of makeup will not only tackle hard to tan areas to enhance the shade, but it will also lift the end result to elevate your look.

3. It can be worn in place of foundation through-out the day for a super natural glow and then mixed with a little foundation in the evening for more coverage and to better blend your makeup with your tan.

4. It photographs exceptionally well! After a year in which there didn’t seem much to photograph, we’re now snapping selfies like we’ve never been to the pub before! We don’t know about you, but we’ll take all the confidence enhancing, photo ready help we can get.

5. Especially popular for wedding guests and even more so for brides, it will take years of the chest area and hands and is an absolute must for wedding and engagement photos.

6. Not ready for a fresh application? Apply a layer of our finishing touch Skin Perfector on top of your 5 day old tan and it will look as good as new (for 24 hours anyway).

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