Our Morning Skincare Routine For Summer

Our Morning Skincare Routine For Summer - Lusso Tan
Judging by the time stamps in our DMs it’s safe to say we have a fifty-fifty split of early birds and night owls amongst our #LussoGirls.  No matter which you fall into we are sure you will agree that saving precious minutes in the morning is never a bad thing. That’s why we’ve introduced Golden Glow into our morning skincare routine; a lightweight and nourishing formula infused with antioxidants to ensure a healthy, hydrated, and radiant glow. It’s ideal for perfecting that effortless sun-kissed look, will give you the confidence to forego foundation and could even replace a couple of your skincare and makeup steps.

Follow along with our morning skincare routine to look and feel your best this Summer.

Step 1 Cleanse

Opt for a water – or surfactant based cleanser for an effective deep clean that won’t break down your tan (like an oil based cleanser would).  Gel, cream and milk cleansers are usually formulated to mimic the skin’s natural pH level, which is where the skin naturally aims to stay in order to function at its best.

Step 2 Moisturising Mist

Our organic Moisturising Mist is your express ticket to flawlessly primed skin and makeup that won’t budge - should you choose to wear any. With hyaluronic acid to nourish, lactic acid to improve texture, and antioxidants to repair and protect, it’s a bona fide two-second facial in a bottle. 

Step 3 Golden Glow

After your Moisturising Mist has soaked in, apply Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist all over the face making sure to blend down onto the neck and chest using your Sunless Tanning Brush. This colourless tanning water is a fool proof way to get a gorgeous, even glow. Vitamins A & E work to boost skin health and banish blemished leaving you with a sunny, happy complexion.

Step 4 SPF

Up to 90% of how your skin ages is within your control – and it’s directly linked to sun exposure! Which basically means that SPF is the most effective anti-aging product on the planet and the absolute essential everyone should have in their routine. Oil is renowned causing tan to separate on the skin, so you’ll want to choose an oil-free formula at SPF30 or higher.

Step 5 Skin Perfector

Even skin tone and add contrast using our Lusso Tan Skin Perfector. Apply lightly to all of the points where the sun would naturally hit, including temples, cheek bones, nose and chin. You can also bring a little onto the eyelids to save time reaching for another product in the next steps. If you have oily skin, especially around the T-zone we’d recommend dusting on some translucent setting powder to avoid shine.

Step 6 Brows, Lashes & Lips

Finish of the routine with your favourite brow products, a coat of mascara and some statement lips. With bronze skin you can easily wear any coloured lipsticks and in fact your radiant skin will appear more blooming if you do. Think reds, orange and coral. Make your lips the statement of your makeup and keep the rest of the look simple. Nudes and earthy shades will also compliment for a more understated effect.

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