How do I choose between tanning lotions and mousse?

How do I choose between tanning lotions and mousse? - Lusso Tan

It’s really a case of finding the best formula for you, your skin and your schedule!

These days we are blessed to have options, with the most effective tanning formulas sinking quickly into skin and, crucially, creating a natural-looking glow, rather than anything streaky or unbelievable. There are also formulas designed for different skin tones, to lend a little extra colour to pale complexions, or deepen and add glow to darker skins.

While rich moisturising formulas such as The Bloom Collective Tanning Balm are great for those who like a sunless tan that applies like a much-loved moisturiser (great for daytime), those who like to see exactly where they’ve applied will love the classic mousse-and-mitt method.

When looking for the sunless tan formula, consider your personal preferences, and the occasion you’re preparing for. Need a glow fast, but want to wash it off later? No problem. Want the results to be long-lasting? Covered. Do you prefer a sunless tan is has all the benefits for a moisturiser? We got you.

Here are our top picks;


Ready, set, glow: Rapid Tan Mousse makes achieving a light, medium, or dark tone easier than you ever imagined. Customise your desired hue by washing off after one hour for a lightly sunkissed look, two hours for a medium golden hue, or leave it on overnight for the ‘just got back from St. Barth’s’ effect. Your secret’s safe with us!



Our antioxidant-rich Tanning Mousse is a vacation in an instant. This award-winning tinted formula is a dream to blend and dries in just sixty seconds.Hydrates. Protects. Repairs. Rich in Vitamins A & E. Vegan. Paraben & Alcohol free. Fragrance free. Suitable for sensitive skin. A choice for every skin type, choose from light, medium and dark.



It is not only mama to bes’ who are obsessed with this revolutionary maternity tanning, formula. The Bloom Collective Tanning Balm maintains skin’s elasticity, helping to prevent stretchmarks, whilst providing a gorgeous golden colour to maximise your wellbeing both during pregnancy and after pregnancy, it is also the tan of choice for those who suffer from sensitive skin including eczema and phoresies for its healing and soothing formula. No need for a mitt, apply with your hands, making it a dream to blend over that gorgeous pregnancy bump. 
And the no guide colour formula means it will not react to those pesky pregnancy hormones that can cause sunless to streak & go patchy.


Our Skin Perfector is a one-way ticket to luminous skin with minimized imperfections. Just think of it like the Instagram Paris filter brought to life. It’s makeup-meets-tan for a je ne sais quoi glow. By covering imperfections and reflecting light, Finishing Touch Skin Perfector enhances skin tone and airbrushes blemishes, freckles, and veins to leave your visage healthy and highlighted.


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