Look How Far We Have Come..

Look How Far We Have Come.. - Lusso Tan
Few beauty products have been marred by unfavourable preconceptions quite like sunless tan. 
 Long associated with stained bedsheets and orange streaks, it often felt like faking a bronzed glow was more trouble (and hassle) than the payoff was worth.


But now, thanks to advanced technology, considered techniques and impressive new formulas, sunless tan is back in a big way.

We've waved goodbye to streaky lines, dry patches and that tell-tale biscuit smell, because our sunless tans work harder (and smarter) to enhance radiance without the downsides.

But to achieve the perfect faux glow it takes more than a quick application of tan, step forward the Lusso Tan Full Circle Tanning and Skincare Ritual.


Save yourself some precious time by making the tan removal process a doddle. The Lusso Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar combines essential oils and hydrating plant-based ingredients to leave your skin tan-free and velvety smooth in record timing.



As skin therapists, we sought to create the optimal product to allow people to get the most out of their tan. The key is in the name: Perfect Primer for Face and Body guarantees a long-lasting glow by rebalancing the skin’s pH into the ideal canvas for whatever Lusso tan you choose.



Our antioxidant-rich Rapid Tan Mousse is a vacation in an instant. This award-winning tinted formula is a dream to blend and dries in just sixty seconds.



Our Skin Perfector is a one-way ticket to luminous skin with minimized imperfections. Just think of it like the Instagram Paris filter brought to life.



Achieve smooth, velvety soft skin and prolong the life of your sunless tan with Lusso Tan Moisturising Body Lotions. Skin will be radiant, replenished and smell gorgeous.





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