Winter Sun Heroes - Lusso Tan

Winter Sun Heroes

Jan 20, 2022Lynsey Bennett

We have fought with our team all through the winter. “Turn the heating up!”, “shut the door”, “I'm freezing!”

Now it's time to take on the weather and take a stand against the cold winter winds, the rain and the inevitable central heating induced colds.

It's time to tackle our lack lustre skin and add a golden glow with our winter sun heroes.



Our Whole Team Are Living In The Tanning Balm ATM

With star ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera & cq10 it's ideal for dull or dry winter skin.



Moisturising lotions

Keep skin smooth & velvety soft on the daily


And prolong the life of your sunless tan with our moisturising body lotions in a choice of three scents.



Bath bombs

Relax in a bubble bath for a self care moment 


While the bath bomb removes old traces of sunless tan it also doubles up as a skin conditioning treatment.

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