Say Goodbye To Streaks & The Dirty Bedsheets

Say Goodbye To Streaks & The Dirty Bedsheets - Lusso Tan

Anyone who’s fake-tanned will know the perils involved especially the dreaded tan stained bedsheets.

Out of curiousity we did a simple google search on how to stop fake tan getting on bed sheets which brought up very little solutions to this problem bar a hilarious thread on with the following answers:

'Don't use bed sheets, or stop fake tanning'

'Sleep on the floor'

'Stop using fake tan and get a proper tan'

'Wrap yourself in cling film, sleep fully covered up or cover yourself in baby oil over the fake tan'

'If you're deciding to go on holiday soon, perhaps choose a destination that is appropriate for tanning'

As much as we laughed, and boy did we laugh, surely this can't be what we are teaching our girls?

We had enough of sacrificing our towels, bath mats and pristine white sheets a long time ago and if you have too then listen up. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t involve dusting yourself with talcum powder or the other equally funny but still ridiculous remedies we’ve read!

As skincare therapists we developed Lusso to protect, repair and nourish the skin and to ensure a long lasting tan. But as busy women and mums we developed formulas that would fit in to our lifestyles.

In fact we developed Lusso Tan directly as a result of the problems Lynsey was having with tanning after the birth of her twins.

Let us tell you the back story…

When your self-employed you do not have any time off, even in the lead up to your due date. Lynsey was working in our Spa on the Tuesday she went into labour and went on to have her girls on the Wednesday. She had gone 5 weeks early so was in between beauty appointments: no tan done, hair extensions were hanging out, nails were overdue a refill etc. It happens to the best of us. 

When she brought the girls home from the hospital, we were visiting, and of course the twins were perfect, of course we were more concerned about how she was doing but we all had a good laugh at the state she was in. Going back to what our mother had always taught us – if you look good you will feel good - you’ll feel good inside or you will at least feel better, we suggested she come round and have a spray tan and so she did.

Obviously, the formulas that we were spraying with at the time, were so wet and sticky that when she got home she couldn’t hold the babies! It was so impractical and something we should have foreseen. We had many laughs about it around the family dinner table in the weeks following which lead to the conversation about developing our own range and what we would want from it.

That one spray tan disaster is how we came to formulate Lusso Tan and why it was important to us from the get-go for all products to be fast drying (60 seconds or less) and fragrance free.

.... which brings us nicely back to the bed sheets.

Our Rapid Tan Mousse & Self Tan Lotion are both face & body tans, tinted for swift confident use and dry in 60 seconds for transfer proof results.

The luxuriously hydrating formulas care for your skin with organic ingredients and create a gorgeous tan that will smoothly fade in up to 7 days. And better still you can apply with confidence, knowing your clothes, towels and bed sheets will be safe from that dreaded staining.
Pro tip – for full control of the product pump directly onto our velvet double sided tanning mitt and give it a squeeze before applying to the skin to avoid to anything reaching the floor!

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