The ‘Secret’ To Perfectly Tanned Hands

The ‘Secret’ To Perfectly Tanned Hands - Lusso Tan

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times – There is no tell tale sign for a sunless tan quite like the hands.

Being the avid weekly tanners that they are, our Lusso Girls know all the ‘secrets’ to a perfect tan and the first thing they look out for is the hand application. They’re sharing these secrets on their socials, in their WhatsApp groups and we wanted to share them with you here because actually there is no ‘secret’ to a perfect tan, just things you don’t know yet. So let’s fix that.  

Don’t Skip The Prep

Applying any tan formula without a spritz of Perfect Primer? Our Lusso girls could never! For best results your tan should start with primed skin. This simple spray is infused with antioxidant vitamins A & E to protect & repair, rebalance the skin’s PH and enrich the bronzing effect of any self-tanner.

And because the skin on the hands naturally absorbs tan a lot easier than other parts of the body you’ll want to follow up with light moisturiser. It will act as a thin barrier between your hands and the formula, to ensure those natural results.


Ditch Your Mitt

Tanning mitts have their advantages but with a Sunless Tanning Brush application, the product reaches a deeper level of the skin’s epidermis, which is why the colour develops so naturally and wears better. Stick with ‘the brush method’ and you’ll never have obvious tan lines again. The transition from the wrist to the palm of your hand will be untraceable and the same from face to chest.


Don’t Overdo It

Less is more when it comes to the hands (and the face!). Apply a tiny amount of Lotion or Rapid Mousse directly on to your flat headed brush or if you’re going with our Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist, pump two or three times directly onto your fluffy brush. Start with the back of your hand, ensuring that is where the bulk of the product is applied. Really work it into the skin on the hand, before bringing the brush up along the fingers and down below the wrist. For a flawless finish and to avoid those tell tale tan lines stay away from in between the fingers and along the sides of the hand as the sun wouldn’t naturally hit those areas.

Add Luminosity

Post lockdown (when we regain our social lives), we recommend adding a final dimension with highlight, contour or shimmer to really lift the tan & make it look sensation. Especially important for older skins or brides to be, our ‘Finishing Touch’ Skin Perfector is a must. Whereas a tan has a flat finish this instant tan with a hint of make-up has a real luminosity to it. By covering imperfections and reflecting light it really enhances skin tone and covers slight blemishes, freckles & veins. It photographs extremely well and will take years of your hands (and chest).

Bid Adieu To Your Golden Glow After 5-7 Days.

Can you apply more than one layer of your Lusso Tan? Absolutely! Might you need to top up on the hands and face as the week progresses? It’s Likely! But you must give up the ghost after 5-7 days. Remove all traces of your sunless tan ( using the Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar or Lusso Bath Bomb), exfoliate dead skin cells and start with a fresh canvas to maintain your flawless results. We don’t want to see any build up or patching caused by layers and layers of old tan.


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