Sunless Tanning Myths - Let's Set The Record Straight

Sunless Tanning Myths - Let's Set The Record Straight - Lusso Tan
Fake tan has evolved to become a truly luxurious addition to any beauty regime and millions of women are investing in tanning products to boost confidence and enhance their skin’s natural radiance. But we know there are millions more who are caught up in some popular tanning myths and we want to set the record straight here.

Fake tan is messy/ all tanners stain bed sheets

We had enough of sacrificing our towels, bath mats and pristine white sheets a long time ago and if you have too then listen up. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t involve dusting yourself with talcum powder or the other equally funny but still ridiculous remedies we’ve read!

As skincare therapists we developed Lusso Tan to protect, repair and nourish the skin and to ensure a long lasting tan. But as busy women and mums we developed formulas that would fit in to our lifestyles.

In fact, we developed Lusso directly as a result of the problems Lynsey was having with tanning after the birth of her twins. A simple spray tan disaster with the wet and sticky formulas that were on the market at the time, meant she couldn’t hold her babies directly after the treatment and lead to the conversation about developing our own range and what we would want from it. And it’s the reason, we formulated Lusso Tan to be fast drying and transfer proof so you can apply with confidence, knowing your clothes, towels and bed sheets will be safe from that dreaded staining. 

Pro Tip* when applying your chosen Lusso Tan formula a simple squeeze of the mitt, before sweeping across the skin, will avoid any accidental spills.

Paler skins should avoid fake tan/ The darker the formula the better.

There are several key factors when it comes to a flawless sunless tan and one of those is to GET YOUR SHADE RIGHT. One of the most avoidable things that can result in an unnatural looking tan is choosing a shade that’s much darker than your natural skin tone.

Our top tip for paler skins (and for some users in the winter months) is to go down a shade. Often paler tones cannot carry the deeper shades, the tan can look uneven and will fade much quicker. You may still like to use a dark lotion for specific occasions which is fine as long as you are aware that you may only get up to 3 days of wear rather than the usual 5-7 days that comes with a Lusso Tan.

The good news is that, when it comes to daily wear, our Rapid Tan Mousse provides customisable shades from light to dark with every application, so you’ll never have to worry about a shade result that’s darker than you’re comfortable with or that you may not pull off well.


A base tan means you no longer need sun protection/ tanning before holiday prepares the skin for sun exposure/ fake tan stops you from getting a ‘real’ tan.

There are many things that Lusso Tan can do for you, however protecting you from damaging UV rays is not one of them.

Let us be clear, a faux glow DOES NOT provide you with any sun protection and it certainly does not stop you from getting a ‘real’ tan should you wish to.

And on that note, we would like to point out that up to 90% of how your skin ages is within your control – and it’s directly linked to sun exposure!  Something we’ve learnt with age is that you will regret the years spent soaking up those rays when you start to see the effects on your skin, which for us was when we entered our forties.

If you watch our Instagram stories you’ll know that Perfect Primer, and more recently Moisturising Mist have played a massive part in combatting the appearance of sun damage on Co Founder Lynsey Bennett’s chest.

A good fake tan should last 2 weeks

The DHA which is the colour agent in tanning products, only adheres to the oldest cells at the top of the skin which naturally slough off. Providing you look after your skin by priming before your tan application, moisturising daily with an oil free formula, avoid excessively hot water when you shower or bathe and pat the skin dry afterwards instead of rubbing a good sunless tanner will last 5-7 days. We would argue that those products that claim to last longer, probably won’t live up to your expectations, and guarantee you will encounter noticeable fading.

Sunless tanners always look fake.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times – the only tell tale signs for a sunless tan are through poor application and that’s most notably hands, face & feet.

For us, simplicity is key. This is why, through many years of practice, we came to perfect the optimal three-step ritual.

Each step has purpose and is designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle —making a perennial glow as straightforward and consistent as brushing your teeth or styling your hair. Whether you’re new to tanning or are a bona fide pro, our system will change the way you tan forevermore. 

To get you started, check out The Secret To Perfectly Tanned Hands’.


Fake tan is bad for your skin / you shouldn’t apply tan on the face.

It’s understandable that this myth predated the progress of tanning formulas in recent years as result of consumers becoming more ingredient savy. However, there was never and still isn’t any evidence to suggest that fake tan is bad for the skin anywhere on your person.

More specifically, when it comes to Lusso Tan - our formulas are designed to nourish, hydrate, and enhance your skin. We don’t believe that pursuing a glow should compromise what you put on your skin. We’re strongly against nasty, unnecessary chemicals so you’ll only find what’s essential in each bottle. Think: healing and nourishing ingredients that are just as hard-working as your top shelf skincare products.

With Lusso you have the guarantee of organic ingredients, fragrance free formulas created without parabens or alcohol, and suitable for use both during pregnancy and for vegans.


Avoid moisturiser when tanning/ moisturiser fades fake tan.

We know exactly how this myth originated, and that is through the misunderstanding of the fact that moisturising in the hours before a fresh application will create a barrier to the tanning formula. Although this is true it doesn’t mean that you should skip out on skin hydration and in fact, moisturised skin will absorb the tan better and is especially important after a hot shower, as the hot water can strip the skin of it’s natural oils and moisture.

There is also a common misconception when it comes to sunless tanning that moisturiser is the enemy when in fact one of the best ways to get the most out of a flawless tan application is to moisturise morning and night with an oil free formula (as oils can break down the tan).





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