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The Valentines Edit - Lusso Tan



In case you weren’t aware, February 14th is just around the corner. Whether you’re partnered up or a free agent, we like to think of Valentine’s Day as one to show your affection, whether it’s towards a loved one or yourself and the latter, we highly recommend.

Take this as our official permission to spoil yourself.. shop 3 for 2 with code ‘GLOWUP’ at checkout.


For the one that never stops..

You have to work like you don’t have children to homeschool, and homeschool children like you don’t have to work! We know you are busy. We know your first priority is looking after your family. But we also know that you deserve to feel and look your best at all times. A light golden tan not only enhances a positive mental attitude, it supports a good self-care routine and can banish a dull & tired complexion. Our Golden Glow face & Hand Mist, is a lightweight face & hand tan designed in an easy-to-use spray formula, for a 30 second application before you crash into bed each night.

It gives the most gorgeous radiant glow, evens skin tone & does not transfer onto face masks, minimising break outs. Complete with our favourite skin loving vitamins A&E to support cell function and skin health.

Face & Hand Mist £16.00


For the professional tanner..

You’re committed to the weekly tan ritual and never seen without your golden glow. You live for putting it on but detest the time wasted taking it off. You’ve got much better things to spend your precious time on! The Lusso Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar is packed full of organic ingredients that will gently exfoliate, leave the skin tan free, velvety smooth and hydrated. Post shower allow the oils to really seep into the skin to hydrate and moisturise before your fresh application.

Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar £10.80 


For the skincare obssessed..

To keep your Hyaluronic acid levels where they need to be, adding it to your regimen before aged 25 is key. HA occurs naturally in the skin to give hydration and plumpness, but our own HA production starts declining around age 23. If you don’t introduce additional HA in the form of products, you’ll see dehydration and the associated fine lines and wrinkles arrive earlier than expected.

Check out our Moisturising Mist, a simple spray to enhance hydration, set make up & boost skins natural luminosity. Designed for daily use, lightly mist over the face and neck before & after applying tan or makeup.

Moisturising Mist £19.50


For the impatient..

Dreaming of the flexibility to simply tan and go? Maybe little and often is more up your street? Customize your shade from light to dark with Rapid Tan Mousse. It’s light weight, dries in 60 seconds, transfer free and the guide colour is super wearable. Leave on one hour for light, 2 hours for a medium glow or if you love a deep tone leave it on overnight. You can even reapply for an ultra dark finish..

Rapid Tan Mousse £19.50


For the Classic..

A classic for a classic. Part of our original line up and a staple for any sunless tanner our signature Self Tan Lotion is a luxuriously hydrating formula which cares for your skin with organic ingredients and creates a gorgeous tan that will smoothly fade in up to 7 days.

Tinted for swift, confident use and easy blending, this lotion is non transferable, fragrance free and boasts 60 seconds dry time so you can dress swiftly after application.

 Self Tan Lotion £19.50


For the filter lover..

Finishing Touch Skin Perfector. An instant tan with a hit of make up, this product will blend beautifully with a natural or sunless tan, leaving you with a radiant glow. Formulated to cover slight blemishes & imperfections without suffocating the skin and packed with nourishing ingredients. Apply on top of your chosen Lusso Tan formula, to add luminosity and give a more youthful appearance. Also perfect on it’s own, or for topping up when your tan is starting to fade.   

Skin Perfector £19.50


For the selfcare lover ..

The brighter days of Spring are on their way for sure but it’s safe to say we’ve still got to endure a little bit more of these harsh weather conditions while we wait for the shorter days and longer nights to slowly reverse.

In the meantime, make the best of the cosy nights in and embrace the ultimate selfcare ritual, in the form of the Lusso Tan Bath Bomb. Not only does it gently remove all traces of a sunless tan in just 15 minutes it doubles up as a luxurious skin conditioning treatment. Packed with Avocado Oil, Essential Oils, Witch Hazel & Jojoba, each of our bath bomb’s will combat the dry and dull skin that comes part and parcel with the winter months.

Lusso Tan Original/ Summer Meadow Bath Bomb £8.50


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