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Why Other People’s Opinions Influence Us So Much

Jan 19, 2021Lynsey Bennett



This year more than ever we want all of you Lusso Girls to ‘Free Your Inner Glow’. Of course, it’s important to consider what other people think about our choices because many of those choice have an impact on others but what we like, how we express ourselves, and how we show up in the world should be based on what makes the most sense for us as individuals – not what others might think of us. So why do other people’s opinions influence us so much?


Up until age two, the world really does revolve around you. So much so, that your parents set their schedule by your habits and adjusted their lives to meet your needs. Around age two, social norms began to influence how your parents reacted to you in nearly every situation. Depending on their parenting style, you likely developed a sense of right and wrong and what behaviors and actions brought punishment or reward.


At about age five, you enter playgroup and a whole new set of influencers began to shape your behaviors. Again, depending on the style of the teachers, you began to form ideas of what helped you fit in and get along. What the adults didn’t influence, the other kids did. Depending on the dynamics of your playground and classroom, you learned what made friends and what didn’t.


Along the way, what other people thought of you - what you wore, how you acted, and much more - began to make an impact. Their opinions influenced how you developed. You adjusted your sails to fit the wind that was blowing - whether you felt like sailing in that direction or not. Now as an adult, you have years of conditioning to act in certain ways or to use certain currencies to get the results you want. Currencies like: being a helper, giving gifts and being agreeable.


Other people’s opinions matter to us because they have become a barometer or measurement of where we stand. But at some point, you must decide whose opinions matter and where do you draw the line?


If you find yourself compromising any of these things in order to please other people, you likely care too much about what they think:


  • What you wear
  • What foods you like
  • Your politics
  • What morals and values you endorse
  • How you love others
  • How you recreate


Anytime you modify your behavior to accommodate the opinions of someone else, you are denying yourself the happiness you deserve and essentially giving someone else more control over your life than they deserve. Weigh the rationale of why you are considering what this someone thinks before you make your choices and don’t give any of your power or your preferences to someone who isn’t you!

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”

So do your thing and forget what people think about it. If you want to spend January focusing on dieting and exercise then we wish you every success. If you’d rather hit two fast food drive throughs in one day, then go right ahead. If it makes you happy apply your Lusso tan every week- just to sit in your living room. Form opinions, boldly go after the things that make you unique and truly release your inner glow.

*photo credit Lusso Tan Brand Ambassador @glutenfreefi 

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