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3 Steps To A Happier Week

Oct 20, 2020Lynsey Bennett


Last week we touched on how the darker mornings and the impending end of BST were about to make it undeniably more difficult to get out of bed and go in the mornings. Little did we know that just seven days later, most of us would have no where to get up and ‘go’ to. We were all set to turn our clocks back but we didn’t expect to go back as far as March. A bit dramatic we know but it’s all feeling very familiar, right?

Twenty twenty is truly a year like no other (and one that we’ll never forget) but with just seventy two days left in the calendar what can we do to squeeze the very best from it and bring back the pep in our step?


Start with Gratitude

Perhaps you went to bed last night thinking about overdue bills, lockdown restrictions and the problematic people or situations that you might have to face today or this coming week.

This morning you woke up.

Did you give thanks?

If you didn’t, it’s probably because you forgot that when praise goes up the blessings come down.

By starting each day with gratitude, you are showing the universe and yourself that you are blessed. The more you can be grateful for right now, the more you can achieve in your life.  

Remember to keep it short and sweet, no need to commit to paragraphs for each thing you are thankful for, unless of course you want to, otherwise just a few lines will suffice. 

Some of you will consider this sacrilege but for all of our digital gals that have trouble sticking with the habit in a physical journal, we love the Five Minute Journal App and think you will too! Complete with morning and evening prompts, it has the option to add snaps and is perfect for on the go but don’t worry if you love good old pen and paper they do a physical version too!   


Decide on your weekly routine.

Day after day, the same handful of pandemic words and phrases (that none of us ever want to hear again) clog our social media feeds and our tv screens.

Take ‘new normal’ for example.

By definition ‘new normal’ is meant to indicate a life event that has a long lasting or permanent impact on routine.

Somewhat tricky to pull off when nothing seems to stick long enough to know whether we are coming or going but here’s the thing… we still have the power to DECIDE on our weekly routine. If you’re feeling like you have no control at the minute, take some time out to figure out what you want to achieve and what the best routine to pull it off looks like for the week ahead or at least the next few days. Take it week to week and let’s work with what permissions we’ve got.



Choose the best ‘self care’ for you

Self-care has transformed a lot over the last few years. It began as a way to encourage people to do more for themselves, which is amazing. But somewhere along the way, it became highly prices and something that needs to be Instagram worthy.

What works best for you is going to be something that helps you feel relaxed, de-stressed, improves your mood, and is something you absolutely love to do. Even it that means doing absolutely nothing by yourself.

Maybe you find that you are most relaxed when you are alone. This doesn’t mean you want to be (or should be) alone all the time, but that you just need a little bit of time to yourself each day to recharge and gain your composure and that’s totally ok.

There are some things in life you instinctively know will make you feel good: sleeping in a freshly made bed, stepping on crunchy Autumn leaves, popping bubblewrap... and you can add to that list having a sunless tan.

Rocking a tan is like having a holiday from yourself and there’s no easier way to achieve a flawless and stress free application than by following the Lusso Tan 3 Step Ritual! (you thought you were getting through a blog post without a tanning plug, didn’t you? Think again.)

We’ve released our signature 3 Step Ritual in the form of ‘The Body Kit’ for Christmas this year and you’re already going mad for it. Step one - Perfect Primer. A simple spray to enrich the bronzing effect of any self tanner. Co founder Lynsey Bennet’s favourite product, it rebalances the skin’s pH, improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Step two -  choose between Self Tan Lotion in shades medium & dark or Rapid Tan Mousse formulated to hydrate and protect the skin, you can expect a gorgeous tan that will smoothly fade in up to 7 days.

Step 3 – Finnishing Touch Skin Perfector. One of the most versatile products in our line. Apply over a fresh coat of tan to the front of the leg to highlight and elongate. Wear in place of foundation for a natural dewy look, perfect for the school run, or mix with foundation for more coverage and to better blend your face with your body. Not ready for a fresh application? Apply a layer of our finishing touch Skin Perfector on top of your 5 day old tan and it will look as good as new (for 24 hours anyway).


The point of this weeks blog? Let yourself feel all the feels and embrace what ever makes you feel good. Let yourself sleep in, head to a park or the beach with your kids, take things as they come and don’t forget the power of a sunless tan.

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