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The Brush Method - Lusso Tan


Whether you’re a dedicated sunless tanner, or only indulge when you you’re dressing to impress, I’m sure we can all acknowledge that getting a flawless & natural finish can be tricky.. or at least it used to be.

We’ve been in the tanning business for over 19 years.. and we’ve been tanning ourselves even longer. We know our tanning products, which is how we know that the flawless, natural-looking finish that most aim for when applying to hands and face can only be achieved when the formula is applied by brush. Tanning mitts have their advantages but with a sunless tanning brush application, the product reaches a deeper level of the skin’s epidermis, which is why the colour develops so naturally and wears better.  Combine this with the perfectly prepped canvas (hello Perfect Primer!) and you’re onto a winner.  

If you have not tried our duo of sunless tanning brushes let us give you a little low-down.

We worked closely with manufacturing to design two luxurious brushes in two completely different shapes to perfectly pair with your chosen tanning method – The Sunless Tanning Mist Brush & The Sunless Tanning Lotion/ Mousse Brush. Both have been created to ensure the best absorption and longevity of the tan resulting in beautifully bronzed skin but can be used for so much more. 

We’ve listed some of our favourite brush hacks below:



Gone are the days of using a mitt to get into the creases of our knuckles, in between fingers and around our ears, ankles & wrists! Simple apply your favourite moisturiser, or our new Moisturising Mist before gently buffing your chosen formula into the skin to evenly distribute.

*Pro tip* Avoid the sides of the feet and instead focus the product along the centre as that’s where the sun would normally hit.



We’re all obsessed with contouring, tontouring if you will, because who doesn’t want to wake up slightly sculpted and shave time off of the morning make up method.

Whether your sticking to the face or going for the full body it’s best do a full application first to give the skin a unifom finish and ensure your ‘tantour’ looks it’s best. Apply a second coat under the cheekbones, into the hairline by the temples and either along the jawline or down the sides of the neck. Get ready to meet cheekbones you never thought you had! As the names suggest, your chosen Lusso Sunless Tanning brush depends on your chosen formula and you can pull off a terrific tantour with our Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist, Self Tan Lotion or Rapid Tan Mousse.

*Pro tip* We love to use Golden Glow & Mist Brush to initially tan the face and then contour through out the week with Self Tan Lotion & the angled Lotion/Mousse Brush.



For a truly flawless finish, pick up the Flat Lotion/Mousse Brush again and apply our Finishing Touch Skin Perfector to hands and shins to cover imperfections and enhance skin tone or opt for the fluffy brush and go for a touch of Shimmer to shoulders, shins & collarbone for a sun kissed highlight.

 *Pro Tip* If you’re feeling e-x-t-r-a mix our shimmer with moisturiser for an all over body shimmer.



We get it, you can’t wait to pick up your new go to tanning tools but we’re not done yet. You’ll want to pick up an extra pair for your make up bag. Lusso Tan co founder Lynsey Bennett had been using these brushes as part of her beauty routine for around a year now, and now our whole team are converted! We can’t emphasise enough how amazing the flat brush is for stippling foundation - it creates an airbrushed high definition coverage with all makeup types.

This all-encompassing duo work across multiple products and textures from creams and liquids to powders and shimmers and we guarantee you won’t want to be without them.  


If you’re ready to stock up or restock, you can pick up both in an exclusive bundle available for 24 hours for our blog readers  here. Or maybe you'd prefer to pick up our Face & Hand Kit which includes our Sunless Tanning Mist Brush, new Moisturising Mist & 2020 hero product Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist?

Continue to boss through this season like our Lusso ladies do best and continue tagging us @Lussotan in all of your successes so that we can share the love!


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