hen we first decided to create our own tanning range we used our extensive professional and personal tanning experience and passion for skin care to develop formulas that would combat all of the problems we had with products on the market at that time. We understood what we wanted from tanning formulas, what others wanted and how what was available needed to change. So with a chemist in our team, we created our tanning skincare range.

Lusso Tan is overflowing with carefully chosen ingredients for flawless, fast, fragrance-free results, but more importantly, our signature natural tan shades hydrate, soothe and protect and enhance the natural beauty of your skin.

FREE YOUR INNER GLOW isn’t just a tag line, it’s our ethos in life! We want to help you feel free to get the most out of life by getting out into it with confidence. We want you to enjoy our luxury tan that enhances the natural you, helps to conceal imperfections and makes you feel good.

So what are these skin loving ingredients that make up Lusso Tan?


Witch Hazel is a natural skin healer and cleanser. The twigs and bark of the plant contain therapeutic constituents that, when extracted and distilled, create a clear natural astringent that has been known for generations as a natural skin care solution. Great for all skin types, it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties soothes and protects from skin damage.

Especially prominent in our Perfect Primer, a simple spray to enrich the bronzing effect of any self-tanning product and especially wonderful for plumping the skin around the face & décolletage.


Think back to the first time you tried Lusso’s Self Tan Lotion. We bet you noticed the gel like appearance on the mitt followed by the light and fresh feel when applied to the skin. That’s mostly down to our love of Aloe vera. Anti-ageing, moisturising, hydrating, plumping, antibacterial and soothing, Aloe Vera is everything you could want for your skin.

We consistently advise our users that hydrated skin is vital for good tanning results and Aloe not only adds moisture but retains it exceptionally well in the skins dermis. Our customers will testify that both our Rapid Tan Mousse & Self Tan Lotion leave the skin feeling luxuriously smooth and hydrated.

This hero plant contains no less than 75 phytochemicals – say hello to vitamins C & E, minerals, enzymes, lipids etc - including 20 of the 22 human-required amino acids. It encourages cell growth which when combined with these amino acids, softening skin cells, results in skin that is less wrinkled and more elastic.  



In the world of skin care, there are several hardworking ingredients that get very little attention and Glycerin is one of them! Glycerin’s skin benefits are numerous, but most importantly it hydrates the skin and helps it hold on to moisture. In fact it attracts moisture from the air and traps it in the skin, fortifying and strengthening the skin’s precious moisture barrier.

A key ingredient in all of our formulas, but especially prominent in our super nourishing Skin Perfector – a luminous skin finisher that veils blemishes and imperfections.  


Antioxidant rich Green Tea Extract is known to support skin health by exhibiting a positive effect on the overall tone, texture and strength of complexion. It is especially beneficial for skin experiencing dryness, itchiness, inflammation or irritation. You know we love to look after the sensitive skins!

If you adore our skin loving formulas and want to introduce a friend to the brand, perhaps for Christmas, The Body Kit contains Lusso Tan's signature 3 Step Ritual - Prep, Tan, Boost and makes for a gorgeous gift. 


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