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Tanning and working out: How to do both in simultaneous harmony.

Apr 27, 2021Lynsey Bennett
Tanning and working out: How to do both in simultaneous harmony.
We’ve all experienced our fair share of tanning mishaps over the years and on that list is most definitely the unwanted diamond shape wear off at the back of the knees, under arms, inner elbows or between the breasts.
If you love working out as much as you love sporting a sunless tan you should know that keeping your day to day colour fresh while working out is easily possible by following a few simple steps.
After more decades than we care to admit in this industry and gorgeous customers like Kim Constable (@thesculpedvegan) and the @bodyfitmums gang we have three little pearls of wisdom to share with you to avoid that patchy tan caused by perspiration and friction.

1. Quality Products
2. Timing
3. Before & aftercare


    Quality Products

    It goes without saying your choice of formula will go a long way towards determining how well your tan will last. After tireless research, our formulas were designed to nourish, hydrate, and enhance your skin. Think ingredients that are just as hard-working as your top shelf skincare products. 

    That much is obvious.

    What we really mean by quality products is everything outside of the tan application from showering through to your gym gear.
    Look out for ph. balanced soaps and unscented shower gels. Natural or talc free deodorants will prevent the attack on your underarms and oil free moisturisers are a must.

    Seamless or breathable gym wear is a game changer and investment in innovative brands like Sweaty Betty, Nike etc really pay off. Sweaty Betty has always been a personal favourite for their longevity, quick drying fabric and mesh panels for superior ventilation.

    Lusso Tan Brand Ambassador Aimee Oliver has just released the most amazing range of active wear and we couldn’t be more proud. She’s nailed high waisted, squat proof, breathable, supportive and stylish all in one line. Check her website out for yourself.



    While tan is developing it is far more susceptible to sweat and moisture, so working out in those first few hours is a no no. Rapid Tan Mousse is a great option, because you’re able to get stuck in after your first rinse in as little as 1-4 hours.

    Ensuring that first rinse is done correctly also helps. A lukewarm shower for about 50 seconds will wash away the excess guide colour and ensure your glow is fully set.

    We don’t advise reapplying, except on the day following your first application if you wish to deepen the colour. You can prolong with Tinted Gradual Bronze up to day 7 if you require some help.



    + Be sure to remove all traces of last weeks tan before you begin a new application (hello Bath Bomb!).

    + Choosing a shade that’s not overbearing for your skin tone is a golden rule whether you work out or not.

    + Weekly exfoliation is a must.
    + When sweat is left to dry in can dehydrate the skin which is the enemy of tanning. Changing out of your sweaty clothes as soon as you’ve finished your workout should help prevent fading or discolouration.

    + The tightness or moisture in your clothes can also breakdown the tan and result in strange patterns so again be sure to strip off and shower swiftly.

    + With proper moisturising your glow should last for 5-7 days. DHA, the tanning agent in most formulas, is a naturally drying ingredient so daily skin hydration is essential to help lock in the colour. Post workout, shower off in barely warm water, gently pat the skin dry and moisturise generously all over.

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