The Tan Commandments

The Tan Commandments

Applying tan is a ritual that’s intrinsic to our bond as sisters. When we think back to major family moments, the holidays we took together, or spontaneous nights out over the years, it always brings back memories of helping each other get ready and perfecting our faux glow.     

There is an abundance of tanning tips out there and believe us we’ve tried and tested them all, admittedly some with more success than others.

We’ve thought about how we could make tanning a fool proof and seamless experience for everyone. And now, we’re bringing the only list you need to keep on hand and to which you must remain obedient. We bring you:

The Tan Commandments

1. Choose sunless. Always.
Up to 90% of how your skin ages is within your control – and it’s directly linked to sun exposure! Better still, choosing sunless will not only save you from the early signs of ageing it could potentially save your life.

2. Get your shade right.
Excessive tanning to achieve a colour that is neither natural nor fathomable with your skin tone is a no, no. Getting your shade right will not only look more realistic but also improve the wear off over your 5-7 days.

3. Exfoliate.
The DHA (the colour agent in tanning formulas) only adheres to the oldest cells at the top of the skin which naturally slough off. It’s crucial to exfoliate your whole body to ensure your golden glow has some fresh smooth skin to adhere to.  

4. Use a Primer.
Whereas, a moisturiser acts as a barrier to the tan, Perfect Primer will neutralise any products on the skin, add a splash of hydration and work in perfect harmony with the tanning formula that follows.

5. Apply from the bottom up.
Following our 3 step ritual you can achieve a flawless full body application in under 10 minutes. Start at the ankles and work your way up the body, that way you can’t smudge or miss anywhere.

6. Barriers & Brushes
Optimise barriers and brushes for hard to tan areas such as hands, face, elbows, knees or feet.

7. Don’t Tan Everywhere
Be conscious of the areas where the sun naturally would not hit and don’t apply tan there. Think the sides of the hands, in between fingers and toes and around the heels.  

8. The First Rinse.
A lukewarm shower for about 50 seconds will wash away the excess guide colour and ensure your glow is fully set. Remember to pat dry instead of rubbing. To prolong the tan and keep your skin from drying commit to a daily moisturiser from the minute you do that first rinse, but make sure it’s oil free.

Know when to reapply.
We don’t advise reapplying, except on the day following your first application if you wish to deepen the colour. You can prolong with Tinted Gradual Bronze up to day 7 if you require some help.

10. Add luminosity
We want your glow to go the extra mile so we created our finishing touch range to add luminosity, where as a tan has a flat finish.

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