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Women Need Options

Apr 12, 2021Lynsey Bennett

We spend a lot of time engaging with new Lusso Girls and helping them decide on which products to go for. In fact, our last blog post was dedicated to the topic in great length.
Out of all the conversations we’ve had since posting came the realisation that, women need options. And to ignite a love for tanning you need options.
It’s not a one product job.
We often compare our 3 Step Ritual to a makeup application; in that you wouldn’t expect a perfect look by applying foundation without a moisturiser beforehand or some blusher or bronzer afterwards.


And in the same vein you wear different makeup for different results.
You mix up your products for different seasons. You have day wear options and night out options. You switch between full coverage makeup and no makeup makeup. Sometimes your time restricted and sometimes it simply comes down to what you can be bothered putting on your face. But at all times you have OPTIONS.
To ignite your love of tanning you need to give yourself options.
We may be committed to the weekly tan application, but no two weeks are the same combination.
At times it’s a truly luxurious pamper session. A good hour in the bath, our best lotions and potions, unnecessary extra steps and a mix of formulas.
At others, it’s a shave in the shower and Rapid Mousse left on for an hour.
Occasionally we layer up. We enhance with Skin Perfector and extend with Instant or Gradual. We face mist most mornings and then we don’t.
We irrationally go off our perfectly applied glow, despite the fact it looks exceptional to others and the Bath Bomb is a god send to strip it off and start fresh.
Didn’t you know, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?
When we say Free Your Inner Glow, it goes beyond the realm of tanning. We want you to embrace your individuality in everything you do; from how your express yourself to the world right down to your tanning routine.
There’s no time like the present to revamp yours. You don’t need to pick up a new collection of products. A few additional items – when mixed with what you already have at home – will do the trick.

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